• Address, County of Welland to Captain McCallum, 25 October 1866

      Edward, Lee (1866-10-25)
      Address, County of Welland to Capt. McCallum, 25 October 1866. The address is for Captain King of the Welland Canal Field Battery and Captain McCallum of the Dunnville Naval Brigade in appreciation of their service during the Fenian raid at Fort Erie on June 2, 1866. It begins "it is a most pleasing duty delegated to me by the inhabitants of the County of Welland to present you each with a testimonial as a memento of your gallantry and bravery displayed at Fort Erie during the Fenian Raid of 2nd June last and it must indeed be a triumphant hour in the history of your lives..." It is signed by Edward Lee, Warden of Welland County.
    • The British Canadian, 3 July 1878

      An issue of The British Canadian for 3 July 1878. Included in this issue: MacLeod of Dare, Wit and Humor, More Incendiarism, The Hagersville Tragedy: Full Details of the Sad Affair, The Berlin Congress, Advantages of Protection, Advertisements.
    • Certificate appointing L. McCallum Captain in the Volunteer Militia Marine Company of Dunnville

      Nash, John (1862-06-24)
      Certificate appointing L. McCallum Captain in the Volunteer Militia Marine Company of Dunnville, effective January 31, 1862. Dated at Quebec, June 24, 1862, and signed by John Nash.
    • Certificate appointing Lachlan McCallum Holy Royal Arch, Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada

      Certificate appointing Lachlan McCallum Holy Royal Arch, Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada, dated at Hamilton, July 31, 1866.
    • Certificate into Freemasonry (Third Degree) with Amity Lodge no. 32

      Certificate receiving Lauglin McCalum into freemasonry (Third Degree) with Amity Lodge no. 32, dated at Hamilton, September 6, 1864.
    • Certificate of appreciation to Captain McCallum from the Dunnville Naval Brigade, 1866

      Dunnville Naval Brigade (1866-06-19)
      Certificate of appreciation "to Capt. McCallum, Officers, non-commissioned Officers and men of the Dunnville Naval Brigade". A note of gratitude to McCallum for his service and leadership during the Fenian raid at Fort Erie on June 2, 1866, and signed by members of the Dunnville Naval Brigade. It is written that "We the undersigned residents of the Village of Dunnville have this moment learned that your services are no longer required for the defence of the country, the danger having from present appearances happily passed away. We feel that we cannot allow the present opportunity to pass without expressing our most unqualified approbation of your noble and brace conduct on the memorable second of June at Fort Erie, when under most trying circumstances the valour and determination shown by you was such as not only to merit the praises of your fellow subjects but the admiration of the enemy. Accept therefore our most heartfelt thanks on the part of ourselves and families with a hope that you may in returning to your peaceful homes and avocations, have all the blessings which it may please God to bestow upon you." Signed at Dunnville, June 19, 1866, by Charles Stevens; Francis Stevenson; W. A. Mcall; M. Asher; William Walker; Wm. Hamilton; Wm. Schofield; George Kodder; Cornelius Perry; John Parry; Henry Lawe; John Bowman; C. McNeal; John Armour; Richard King; M.A. Stevens; Wm. B. Johnson; J.W. Schofield; C.A. Hart; Samuel Adams; James Norris; Allen Thewlis; Eugene Banker; John Thomson; and Chas. May. Several other names are included but are not legible.
    • The Daily Spectator, 16 December 1867

      An issue of The Daily Spectator, 16 December 1867. Included in this issue: Poetry (A Leaf), Progress of Canada, Milton Correspondence, The Alabana Claims -- Mr. Chandler's Chinese Thunder, Job Printing, Fenianism, Parliamentary, Latest from Ottawa, Latest from Montreal, Latest from Guelph, Latest from Quebec, City News, Volunteer Soldiers, Count Court and Court of Quarter Sessions for Wentworth, Land Grants to Railways, Latest by Telegraph, Advertisements.
    • The Daily Spectator, 19 November 1867

      An issue of The Daily Spectator for 19 November 1867. Included in this issue: American Watches, Fruit Canning Notice, Mr. McGee's Great Speech, Annexation in Disguise, A Humbug, Parliamentary, Latest from Quebec, Latest from Montreal, Latest from Ottawa, The Condition of Mexico, City News, Latest by Telegraph, List of Letters, Lands for Sale, Advertisements.
    • The Daily Spectator, 28 October 1869

      An issue of The Daily Spectator, 28 October 1869. Included in this issue: Home News, General News, The Woman's Parliament, Slander Refuted, Reciprocity, Terrible Accident in Brooklyn, Burning of the Toronto Distillery, Thanksgiving Day, City News, Two Evenings at Beamsville, Canadian Bank of Commerce, The Rumored Changes, Facts and Fancies, Extensive Conflagration - Whiskey Detective Mason, Privy Council Meeting - Reconstruction of the Ministry - Sir Francis Hinks' Canvass, Death of Jean de Francisco Martin, Austria and Turkey, All Tranquil in Paris, The Emperor returned to Compeigne, The Treasury Department (US), Railway Accident, Advertisements.
    • Diagram of the House of Commons

      A diagram of the House of Commons containing representatives names and regions.
    • Diagram Senate Chamber

      A diagram of the Senate chamber. The diagram is dated April 1894 and contains the names and regions of the representatives.
    • Dinner Invitation to the Honble. L. McCallum from the Governor General

      Governor General (?-04-22)
      An invitation to McCallum reads "The Aide-de Camp in waiting is commanded by His Excellency The Governor General to invite The Honble. L. McCallum to Dinner on Friday, April 22nd at 7:30 o'clock. An answer is requested to the A.D.C. in waiting".
    • Dunnville Chronicle, 23 January 1903

      An issue of the Dunnville Chronicle, vol. VII, no. 22, 23 January, 1903. The issue contains a lengthy obituary for Lachlan McCallum on the first page.
    • Dunnville Gazette, 23 January 1903

      Gazette; Dunnville gazette, Haldimand and Monck County advocate and general advertiser., 1903-01-23
      Dunnville Gazette, vol. XIX, no. 51. January 23, 1903. Contains a lengthy obituary for Lachlan McCallum on the first page.
    • Dunnville Luminary. Monck County Advocate. Vol. I, No. 51. November 6, 1868.

      An issue of the Dunnville Luminary Monck County Advocate and General Advertiser for Friday, November 6, 1868. There is a G.A. McCallum, M.D. mentioned in the business directory. Also included are several advertisements, poetry, Great Britain column, Drainage By-Law, etc.
    • Durham Chronicle, 12 March 1868

      An issue of the Durham Chronicle from 12 March 1868. Included in this issue: Remember the Poor, Mind the Hole in Your Sleeve, One of Nature's Noblemen, British North America, Odds and Ends, Latest News by the Cable, The Mackenzie Request, Legislature of Ontario, News Items, Advertisements.
    • The Empire (Toronto), 6 September 1888

      An issue of The Empire (Toronto) for 6 September 1888. Included in this issue: Mr. Gladstones Speech at Wrexham, French Advice, Proposed Ship Canal, Yellow Fever News, Buffalo Show Booming, Roasted to Death, Peterboro Notes, The Chinese Bill, The Retaliation Question, Ruin of the British Empire, Forced to Do and Suffer, It is a Painful Retrospect, But These Unpleasant Things, The Action of the Senate, The Budget From Ottawa, The Kootenay Indians, Maritime W.C.T.U., Hanging and almost Dead, In the Dominion of Sport, From Belleville, Public Wedding Shows, The Canadian Wimbledon, News from Winnipeg, Kincardine Notes, The Pitcher Case, From Brantford, Kemptville News, Two Lively Fights, Diseased Peaches, Canada Not Crippled, The Queen in Scotland, Local Board of Health, The Trade of Toronto,Trade and Finance, In and Around the City, Q.O.R. Drill, Cox Still in Jail, The New Court House, The Victoria School, Kingston Advices.
    • The Evening Journal (St. Catharines), 14 June 1881

      An issue of The St. Catharines Evening Journal from 14 June 1881. Included in this issue: Under the Midnight Lanp., We Believe, Farmers and Mechanics, A Wonderful Discovery, Indigestion, Zopesa, Department of the Interior, Timber for Setters, Sales of Lands to Individuals or Corporations for Colonization, Pasturage Lands, Chancery Sale, The Exodus from Europe, Scriptural Revision - A Sensible View, Killed by Lightning: Terrible Havoc Amongst a Party of Berry Pickers, Terrible Storms (Topeka, Kansas), Poisoned, Plot to Kill Forster, Murder and Robbery, The Nihilists, Disturbances at Pekin, the Green Treasury Frauds, Loss of Life By an Earthquake, Midhat Pasha on the Late Sultan, Nearly a Casualty, Juvenile Crooks, A Veteran Volunteer, For Camp, The Camp At Niagara, A Fine Work, Evening Excursion to the Camp, Admitted - Rev. Dr. Wilde, Terribly Crushed, Everybody's Column, For Montreal, List of Vessels Passing Lock No. 3 Welland Canal, Weather Predictions, The Victoria Investigation, To Prevent Diptheria, The Grimsby Camp, Military Matters, Knights of Pythias, Strawberry Festival, Advertisements, News Items.
    • The Globe (Toronto), 14 February 1872

      Toronto : G. Brown, 1844-1936., 1872-02-14
      An issue of The Globe Toronto from February 14, 1876. Included in this issue: Latest by Telegraph, The United States Claims, The Wood Slander Case, Teachers' Superannuation Fund, Dr. Norman MacLeod and Dean Stanley, Prince Bismark on Public Education, Dual Representation, Baker's Bread, Copyright in the States, The American Press and the Geneva Arbitration, Letters to the Editor, A Strange Case, Legal Intelligence, Yorkville Municipal Council, Another Husband Pioneer, A Race for Life, Parliament of Ontario, The Wood Slander Committee, Former Royal Thanksgiving, United States, Police Court, Advertisements.
    • History of Stromness Church

      A history of Stromness Church near Dunnville. It is a handwritten history of the Stromness Methodist Church.