• Certificates of appointment, 1859-1860

      Certificates of appointment, 1859-1860. Two certificates of appointment issued by the Admiralty to Seymour, both relating to HMS Hero. The first certificate appoints Seymour Captain on April 29, 1859. The second certificate appoints him as Commodore on July 7, 1860, two days before the departure for Canada with the Prince of Wales.
    • Letters regarding the HMS Hero

      Lindsay, E.B.; Smith, I.; Milne, Alex (1860-08)
      Letters regarding the HMS Hero. Three copies of letters dated August 20, 1860, August 28, 1860 and August 30, 1860, concerning the grounding of the HMS Hero at the mouth of the Saguenay River a few days earlier, due to a buoy being improperly positioned. The letters are written by E.B. Lindsay, I. Smith and Alex Milne. The Hero was repaired by the Captains of the Valorous, Ariadne, and Nile.
    • Travel journal of Commodore Seymour featuring the Prince of Wales trip only

      Seymour, George Henry (1860)
      The portion of George Henry Seymour's travel journal that chronicles the Prince of Wales Albert Edward's trip to Canada in 1860.