• Global Assemblages - A Post 2011 Social Movements Montage

      Azadah, Kushan (2016)
      Music video of post-2010 movements from Tahrir Square in Cairo, to Black Lives Matter in North America, to Occupy Wall Street, the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, to Plaza del Sol in Madrid, to the Umbrella movement in Hong Kong and framed by Indigenous resistance on Turtle Island.
    • Global Movement Assemblages Symposium - Introduction by Janet Conway

      Dr. Janet Conway discusses the notion of assemblage as an alternative way of thinking about the global ensemble of social movements of the 2010s. She applies assemblage thinking to Occupy Wall Street with attention to how it intersects with Indigenous Peoples' presence and claims to land. The Global Movement Assemblages Symposium was held on October 13-15, 2016 by the Social Justice Research Institute at Brock University.