In 1875, Prof. G. Lorraine Linder, a phrenologist and physiologist, was advertising his service of phrenological examinations to be offered at the Adkins Hotel in Smithville, Ont. According to the advertisement, Prof. Linder was a medical doctor, a lawyer and a practical phrenologist and physiologist. G. Lorraine Linder, may be George Lorraine Linder, born in Ohio in 1843 and married to Flora A. Nash in 1868 in Decatur, Michigan. The advertisement appears to have been created to allow Prof. Linder to add the time, location and admission fees to be added as venues became available.

Edward Adkins, proprietor of the Adkins Hotel and a native of England, settled in Smithville in 1868. The Adkins Hotel was one of three hotels operating in Smithville at this time.

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