• A Writ of Execution Issued by William Kingsmill, Sheriff of Niagara Regarding the Estate of Alexander Hamilton

      Kingsmill, William (1841)
      A writ of execution issued by William Kingsmill, Sheriff of Niagara regarding the estate of Alexander Hamilton. Hannah A. Hamilton is the executrix. It contains the matter of David Thorburn who was a merchant, warden and Justice of the Peace for the Niagara District. He was also a political figure in Upper Canada. He sued the estate for damages of 1203 pounds and 12 s. ½. The writ also refers to Joseph Hamilton and lands on the Grand River in the Township of Moulton in Haldimand. There is a red seal on the bottom right hand corner. It is signed by W. Kingsmill, Sheriff. The signatures of the witnesses are A. Gilkinson and David Thorburn. 1841