• Invoice of Goods Bought from Robert Gillespie

      Gillespie, Robert (1811)
      Invoice of Goods bought from Robert Gillespie for the amount of 238.7.8 pounds. The list is made up of sundry goods furnished and forwarded by R. Gillespie on the account and risk of Messrs. Hamilton and Askin. Items included, but not limited to: quilts, beaver gloves, Irish linens, mourning shawls, mustard, peppermints, glasses, tea pots, needles, knives and forks, buttons, spices, spades and numerous other assorted items. At the bottom of the list it is written: “errors excepted, Montreal 24th, September 1811” It is signed by Robert Gillespie. There is a watermark of a crest in the paper, 1811