• Surgite 25th Anniversary 1964-1989

      Brock University (1964)
      Publication of Surgite for the 25th anniversary 1964-1989. The contents are: Brock Briefs, Running Hot with Entrepreneurship, The entrepreneurial face, meeting the market eye to eye, Including how life insurance can benefit you and Brock, Weekends to Reserve, What's New with You? Help with the Brock Mission Statement.
    • Brock 1 Winter 1977

      Brock University (1977)
      Publication of Brock 1, Winter 1977. The contents are: Commentary, Winter in Fort McPherson, A smashing season for the rowers, Brock's Book scout, The Summer Program, Cadmium: another worry, The puzzling diptych, The American way of life, Brock film, The Deans proliferate, Chip off the old Brock, "Programmatic" replaces "disciplinary" line, Alumni news, Homecoming, University honors members of the Board, Fall convocation
    • Brock 2 Fall 1977

      Brock University (1977)
      Publication of Brock 2, Fall 1977. The contents are: Commentary, A familiar face in a new role, Can we interest you in a used computer?, A different look at the Geography department, The psychology of gambling, Alumni News, The alumni buy a chair glide, A fine wine - and it's Canadian, A new forum for women's studies, To sleep, perchance to dream, We'll probably be in your neighbourhood.
    • Brock 3 Spring 1978

      Brock University (1978)
      Publication of Brock 3, Spring 1978. The contents are: Commentary, Having fun is serious business, Ernie Marsh, a man of commitments, Getting ready for Gray Liberation, Alumni News, There's no stopping GO!, Isaac Who?, Right this way, Coming your way, Ron McGraw and the ICFID, Everything is cricket in Bill Cade's lab.
    • Brock 5 Fall 1979

      Brock University (1979)
      Publication of Brock 5, Fall 1979. The contents are: Commentary, Making sense of the mandarins, Alan Earp, AUCC man, Backstage at the sea-ment pond, What will the 80's bring? Through the literary looking glass, The apostle's creed for human mathematics, Testing one two three, Extending the global classroom.
    • Brock 4 Winter 1979

      Brock University (1979)
      Publication of Brock 4, Winter 1979. The contents are: Brock on the run, With a little help from her friend, The fine art of the arts, Good grounds for a picture, Alumni News, Father Who?, A is for the Artist, The boys of autumn, Changing from the inside out, Child's play.
    • Brock 6 Summer 1980

      Brock University (1980)
      Publication of Brock 6, Summer 1980. The contents are: Commentary, Teaching excellence honored, Game plan for success, From the mailbag, Myelin's mystery man, In the running, Lost and found, See here, The essential Cecil Shaver, Brock news, Planning ahead, Please advise, The bucks start here, About alumni, Nothing but treats, Calling all tinkers and tailors, Alumni Career Data Bank.
    • Brock 7 Spring 1981

      Brock University (1981)
      Publication of Brock 7, Spring 1981. The contents are: New captain at the helm, Brighter than ever, Elderhostel 1981, The slow death of a river, Get on your mark; get set--swim, Meinhart Benkel--sailing away, Attaining new heights, Alumni teaching award, Book worms take note, Homecoming '80, About alumni, In memoriam, Found, Alumni - Where are you?, What's the scoop?, Moving?
    • Brock 8 Fall 1981

      Brock University (1981)
      Publication of Brock 8, Fall 1981. The contents are: founding father retires from board, PAN over our skies, New science wing for Brock, Sports school, Brock University: Conference centre for Niagara, Brock's unknown craftsman, A stroke in the right direction, The mime company comes to town, Brock summer fun, About Alumni, Alumni - Where are you? What's the scoop? Moving? Mindpower: The fuel of the future.
    • Brock 9 Spring and Summer 1982

      Brock University (1982)
      Publication of Brock 9, Spring and Summer 1982. The contents are: Ray Woodfield: firmly entrenched in Brock's history, New director, "jack of all trades", Learning to relax, Even her name sounds musical, Who's drinking whose garbage juice?, New science complex, Artist: Kathy Hagerman, About Alumni, Lost Alumni, Grade 12 Reunion, Alumni Hockey, "Europe on 84 cents a day?", "It's all in your head", Moving, What's the scoop?.
    • Brock 10 Fall/Winter 1982

      Brock University (1982)
      Publication of Brock 10, Fall/Winter 1982. The contents are: Commentary, Construction on target John Wilbur, production manager, Liberal Studies: Brock's newest program, Richard DesChateles dynamite wrestling coach, Homecoming weekend '82, Alumni basketball, Reflections on Ottawa's "Talk Shop", Book reviews, Alumni hockey, Orillia Schreiber and Hawkesbury - the recruiting trail, About Alumni, Phone - a - thon, Our mailing policy, This year's Alumni Executive, Whoops we goofed, What's the scoop.
    • Brock 11 Spring/Summer 1983

      Brock University (1983)
      Publication of Brock 11, Spring/Summer 1983. The contents are: Brock grad Dave Mackenzie: shareholder in the hottest game in town, Geography major to judge, On the road to Birmingham, England, From Tanzania to St. Catharines, Forum: In Praise of Uselessness, Book review: Quebec nationalism in Crisis, Book review: Physical Fitness: A Way of Life, Homecoming '83, Reunions, About Alumni, Don Ursino: Teacher of the Year, What's the Scoop.
    • Brock 12 Spring/Summer 1984

      Brock University (1984)
      Publication of Brock 12, Spring/Summer 1984. The contents are: Phonathon nets $24,000!, From Mexico with youth, enthusiasm, and lots of energy, Vivid and vivacious: Christina considers herself lucky, More than half way there!, 'Vette for science underway, Bob Mandeville: Student activist to Paris professor, Forum: What's happening to our water?, Book review: "Grits: An Intimate Portrait of the Liberal Party", Book review: "Two Sides of the Brain: Brain Lateralization Explored", Will you be the lucky winner?, Alumni Greenhouse campaign contributors, About Alumni, In memoriam, What's the scoop.
    • Surgite Fall/Winter 1985

      Brock University (1985)
      Publication of Surgite for Fall/Winter 1985. The contents are: The poker chip theory of learning, We've never seen a Peregrine falcon, Business could always be better, You oughta be in pictures, Dave Gibson King of the Kitchen, Professor Eric Muller, Outdoor Adventure Camp, Fabulous Forgery, Welcome Robert Welch; Thank you Ralph Misener, Brockwords, Happy 21st Issac, For and About Alumni.
    • Surgite Spring/Summer 1985

      Brock University (1985)
      Publication of Surgite for Spring/Summer 1985. The contents are: This is the greenhouse the Alumni built, Alumni greenhouse contributors, Who's calling?, Joe Kenny-Sprained ankles a specialty, Being neighborly, Applauding excellence, Love among the rocks, What's this I hear about the Leonard Motel?, Lost alumni, About alumni, In Memoriam, The year the lights came on again, Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Law Handbook, by Michael Nash.
    • Surgite Fall/Winter 1986

      Brock University (1986)
      Publication of Surgite for Fall/Winter 1986. The contents are: Jazz'n it up, A new group..., Disaster at Chernobyl, It's no sleeping matter, The Falcons Fly, A Letter from Ed Godden, Isaac Brock still wants you, Brock issues the call, Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?, Excellence in the Eighties..., This season.
    • Surgite Spring/Summer 1987

      Brock University (1987)
      Publication of Surgite Spring/Summer 1987. The contents are: Forever Yours, Superconductor!, At Risk, A farewell to Bonnie, Kate Trotter, Healthy intervention, Hear, Hear, When it was '64, The Class of '67, Meet the members of the Board, A letter from Ed Godden, About Alumni, Homecoming '86, Homecoming '87, Donor list, Brock in brief, Lewis Soroka strikes back, What's new with you?, Contact.
    • Surgite Winter 1987

      Brock University (1987)
      Publication of Surgite for Winter 1987. The contents are: Ron Lancaster, The Meech Lake Accord, Terrence White, President Designate, Fanning the Olympic Flame, Arnie, Brock in Brief, A Broader Ripple.
    • Surgite Winter 1988

      Brock University (1988)
      Publication of Surgite for Winter 1988. The contents are: Brock Briefs, Two-Generation Brock Grads: Introducing the Fasts, The Oakes, The Holders and the Crundwells, Professor Michael Hornyansky: A Quarter Century at Brock, Who's Doing What and with pictures, Birthday Wishes to Brock on its 25th, Homecoming '88.
    • Surgite Summer 1988

      Brock University (1988)
      Publication of Surgite for Summer 1988. The contents are: Brock Briefs, Alan Earp, The Unisys Connection, The Alumni Board, Alumnews.