• Large Photograph Album

      A large tooled leather photograph album with a brass clasp. This contains photographs taken by S. Hays, Photographer of St. Paul St., St. Catharines; Poole Photographer of St. Catharines; McFadden & Seabrook Photographer of Hampshire Street. Tintypes are included as well as remembrance cards. The photos are as listed below: 1. Hannah Ann Seburn (need Forbes) [also in small album and loose photos] 2. Elizabeth Garner (nee Seburn) 3. Elizabeth Garner (nee Seburn) 4. Evelyn Garner [speckling on photo] 5. [John Isaac Seburn?] 6. Hannah Catherine Seburn and Samuel Johnston 7. Joseph & Elizabeth Garner (nee Seburn) 8. Cyrus Nunn, Evelyn Garner & Evelyn Garner 9. Empty 10. Evelyn Garner and Mary Ellwood 11. [Mary Ellwood?] 12. Brady children: Alice 10; Ida 9; William 6; Charles 2 13. Unknown 14. Robert Skelly and Edith Garner 15. Cyrus Nunn and Evelyn Garner [speckling on photograph] 16. Ida Brady 17.-20. Empty 21. Hannah Ann Seburn (nee Forbes) 22. Empty 23. [Hattie Brady?] 24. Empty 25. Evelyn Garner 26. Empty 27. Robert Skelly 28. Evelyn & Elizabeth Garner and Mary Ellwood (left side of lower left photo) - 3 tintypes 29. Hannah Ann Seburn (nee Forbes) & Mary Seburn 30. Empty 31. Either Ambrose or Hamilton Seburn 32. Nancy or Cordelia Seburn 33. Nancy or Cordelia Seburn 34. Remembrance card for Joseph Garner who died May 12, 1985 35. Remembrance card for Samuel Nunn who died May 20, 1892 36. Remembrance card for Catherine Fares who died September 28, 1890
    • Photograph - Hannah Ann Seburn

      Poole, E. (n.d.)
      A photography of Hannah Ann Seburn (nee Forbes) from the E. Poole Photographer in St. Catharines, Ontario. The handwritten caption reads "Grandma Seburn".
    • Photograph - Mary Seburn at age 97

      Elliott, Charles (n.d.)
      A framed black and white photograph of Mary Seburn at age 97, taken at Cyrus Nunn's home in Fenwick by Charles Elliott.
    • Photograph - Sarah (Sally) Seburn

      Maitland, G.F. (n.d.)
      A photograph of Sarah (Sally) Seburn in a long dark dress. The reverse of the photo reads "Sally Seburn cousin to my Mother and sister, To Matthew Seburn". There is also a stamp for G.F. Maitland St. Catharines photography.
    • Photograph - Third Seburn Homestead

      A photograph of the third Seburn Homestead (built in 1821) and on the reverse of the photograph it reads "Entrance by the original driveway and front gates. View from the west. This is the third house and was built in 1821. The farm Stephen Seburn settled near Thorold, Ont before 1787. He was a U.E. Loyalist from New Jersey.
    • Small Photograph Album

      Seburn, Mary M. (n.d.)
      Small tooled leather photograph album which belonged to Mary M. Seburn. The photographs are listed: 1. Hannah Ann Seburn (nee Forbes) 2. Mr. & Mrs. Happell 3. Nina & George Happell 4. Mary Ellwood 5. Mary Ellwood (Mrs. L. Shriner) 6. Mr. & Mrs. Jacob and Hannah Seburn 7. Mr. & Mrs. J. Armstrong 8. Elisha Lorree, Sally Seburn Mrs. E. Loree 9. H. & Luke Hasketter & Uncle 10. Lorenzo Seburn 11. Hamilton Seburn 12. Mrs. James Law 13. Master George law 14. [Cyrus Nunn?] - tintype 15. Sam Hopkins - tintype 16. Sam Johnston 17. Joe Baxter [speckling] 18. Joseph Garner 19. Elizabeth Garner (nee Seburn) 20. Clara, Mary & Will Eastwood - tintype 21. Mathew Seburn 22. EMPTY 23. Almer Garner - tintype 24. Minerva Seburn (Brady) 25. Mary M. Seburn 26. Hamilton Seburn 27. Mary Ellwood 28. Ellen J. Hart 29. Etta Seburn 30. Moses Brady [some damage to photo] 31. Murray Brady 32. Margaret Seburn Lorree & Sarah (Sally Seburn) 33. Sam Hopkins [some colouration added to photo] 34. Jacob Hixon 35. William Hixon 36. Hannah Ann Seburn (nee Forbes) 37. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hoover 38 - 47 EMPTY 48. Evelyn Garner - tintype 49. Cyrus Nunn - tintype 50. Phoebe Dennis Parker - tintype