• The Passing of Niagara

      Hartt, Mary B. (1901)
      The article begins by discussing the "green solitude" that existed at the time of Father Hennepin's first views of Niagara Falls. The article then starts to discuss the changes occurring as more power companies are involved, "For since 1886 it has been busily granting to all who asked practically unlimited right to divert the waters of the Niagara River above the Falls. Seven power companies have been organized since that date: The Niagara Falls Power Company, with the right to divert water sufficient to produce two hundred thousand horse-power, or 7,719, 360 gallons per minute, or six per cent of the total amount going over the Falls...And all these amazing privileges the open-handed State has dispensed without exacting so much as a penny in compensation for the enormously valuable franchises. It is no fault of the State Legislature that, for lack of capital or enterprise, some of these companies have allowed their charters to lapse, while others have been bought up by the Niagara Falls Power Company, so that but one company is in actual operation to-day - one, that is, besides the old Hydraulic Power Company, established in 1862, which originally held no grant from the State."