• Industrial Niagara/Wind as a Motive Power in the United States

      Abbott Vaughan, Arthur; Waldo, Frank (1895)
      The article discusses the industrialization of the area surrounding the power development. Also mentioned is the process of transmitting the power, "...it is necessary, in order to attain requisite economy, to raise the electrical pressure to 20,000 or even 50,000 volts, and to build the most perfect and substantial transmission lines. This part of the plant is as yet entirely incomplete, though the designs have been prepared with the greatest care and forethought. As the Niagara plant has received the attention of the best engineering talent in the world, and as the work has been prosecuted so slowly and thoroughly that experience is able to rectify errors as they occur, scientific success is assured. So it is the commercial aspect that is at once the most interesting and problematical. To what distance from Niagara can the Cataract Company deliver power, in competition with steam?"