• Electrical Transmission at Niagara Falls

      Foster, Horatio A. (1895-01)
      The article details the process of the Niagara Power Company and how it began with "a charter for the Niagara Falls Power Co. was obtained from the Legislature on March 31, 1886, by citizens of Niagara Falls; but there being no available capital at hand, nothing was done until 1889, in June of which year the Cataract Construction Company was formed by Francis Lynde Stetson, Edward A. Wickes and William B. Rankine, all of New York City. On July 5th of the same year, having secured the necessary capital, the Cataract Construction Company contracted with the Niagara Falls Power Company to construct all the necessary works and plant for developing and utilizing the first 100,000 H.P. of the great water power."