• The New Niagara

      Hartt, Rollin Lynde (n.d.)
      The article discusses the building up of the area around Niagara Falls due to the "new era of electricity". The author describes the ways in which they are surrounded by the benefits of electrical power, "This plunging elevator is driven by power from Niagara Falls; the lights in these sunless nooks are lighted by it; you stop in the lobby to pick up a newspaper printed by Niagara electricity; and now you step out in the street, hold up a finger, and halt a buff-colored trolley propelled by the cataract. Such are signs of the times. The power also swings the grating derricks of the shipyard, turns the wheels of gristmills, pumps wheat into a towering granary, moves mighty congeries of machinery, runs sewing-machines, and even bakes hot cross buns in an aforetime-steam bakery. Buffalonians, long accustomed to send up black incense in worship of James Watt, have lately lighted a row of incandescent candles upon an altar dedicated to Edison and Tesla".