Three letters addressed to Miss Harriet O’Connor, City of New York, from her brother Jno [John] M. O’Connor, May-November 1813. The letters were written while O’Connor was fighting with the Americans during the War of 1812.

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  • Letter from J.M. O'Connor to Harriet O'Connor, 15 November 1813 

    O'Connor, J.M. (1813-11-15)
    The third letter is dated at French Mills, N.Y., 15 Nov. 1813. O’Connor describes at length some military engagements with the British as they traveled down the St. Lawrence River. This included fighting at Prescott ...
  • Letter from J.M. O'Connor to Harriet O'Connor, 3 June 1813 

    O'Connor, J.M. (1813-06-03)
    The second letter is dated at Sacketts Harbour, 3 June 1813. O’Connor writes: "My dear Harriet, I arrived here in the Ship of War Madison on the 1 just from Fort George which place we took on the 27 nlt, with the loss ...
  • Letter from J.M. O'Connor to Harriet O'Connor, 30 May 1813 

    O'Connor, J.M. (1813-05-30)
    The first letter is dated at Fort George, U.C., May 30, 1813. O’Connor describes the American attack on Fort George on May 25 and 27, writing "My dear Harriet,We arrived at Niagara on the 25th May and on the 27th we ...

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