• Photograph Album 1936-1944

      Photograph album, 1936-1944, n.d. Contains 92 black and white photographs of Jim Manson, Audrey Weeks, as well as their friends and family. Some photographs feature men in uniform who served during World War II, including Sergeant Rae Joseph Dunn, Lance Corporal Reginald Weeks and Earl Upper, with related news clippings
    • Photograph album, 1943-1948

      Manson, Orville (Jimmy) (1940s)
      Contains 413 black and white photographs. The album contains family photos of Jim and Audrey Manson, as well as photos of Jim Manson’s service with the Navy during World War II. Naval photographs include Jim Manson in uniform before leaving for duty in 1943, as well as photographs of ships, including H.M.C.S. Hamilton, H.M.C.S. Frontenac, H.M.C.S. Kapuskaping, H.M.C.S. Assinaboine, and H.M.C.S. Matapedia (including a photograph of the ship’s crew). Some photographs capture naval action, such as a sinking U-boat after ramming, fighting fire aboard Destroyer caused by enemy shelling, and the burial at sea of a Canadian Sailor. Interior photographs of ships, as well as crew members, are also included. Also contains some photographs of U.S. Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers and a Royal Navy Destroyer in Halifax Harbour during the Quebec City conference attended by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill. Other military photographs include a United States Navy Coastal Patrol Blimp off New York, the U.S.S. Texas entering New York after D-Day landings, and depth charges exploding astern.
    • Slides - Port Robinson Lift Bridge, August 27, 1974

      A collection of slides showing the destruction of the Port Robinson bridge after a Freighter crashed into the bridge. The slides are dated the day after the disaster, August 26th, 1974.