• Photograph - Collapsed Falls View Bridge, 1938

      A photograph of the Falls view Bridge after it collapsed in January 1938.
    • Photograph - Jimmie and Sanford Manson

      A photograph of two young boys. The reverse of the photograph reads "Jimmie Manson and Sanford Manson". The photograph was taken by Townend in Almonte, Ontario.
    • Photograph - Jimmie Manson

      A photograph of "Jimmie Manson" (written on reverse of photo).
    • Photograph - Manson Family, 1893

      A photograph of the Manson family. The reverse of the photograph lists the individuals: "Sanford Manson in the light suit, age 18 years. Mr. And Mrs. A. Manson and Family. Back row left to right: Sanford 18, Minnie 13 (Affleck), Jimmie 21, William 29, Front Row: Agnes Penman (Half sister of Archie), Archie Manson 62, Beatrice Manson (Penman) 55, Jane C. Manson 25."
    • Photograph - Orville Manson, 1919

      A photograph of Orville Manson approximately 4 years old.
    • Postcard - Sanford Manson

      Tower Studio in Montgomery Ward & Co. (n.d.)
      A postcard with a photograph of Sanford Manson beside an illustration of Montgomery Ward and Co. Tower. The front of the postcard reads "Souvenir of Chicago", "I have been up here", "Excepting the Washington Monument and the Cologne Cathedral; the highest structure in the World.", "Taken at Montgomery Ward and Co. Tower, The Highest Studio in the World."