• Base Company, 81st Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, ca. 1916

      Blakemore Studio (ca 1916)
      A black and white panoramic photograph of the Base Company of the 81st Overseas Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force commanded by Lieut. H.M. Sampson. A list of the Officers of the 81st Battalion was published in the Toronto Daily Star on January 22, 1916. The names include Lt. Col. P. Belson; Major A. Cowan; Capt. D. Borland; Lt. R. Hill; Capt. T. Tomlinson; Lt. G. Lawrence; Capt. W.L. Archer; Lt. J.A. House; Capt. S.A. Dyke; Capt. G. Sampson; Capt. A. McKinley; Capt. E. Wright; Capt. J.I. Grover; Capt. G.M. Orr; Lt. G.M. West; Lt. E.D. Hanna; Lt. J.A. McCaraus; Lt. R.V. Walker; Capt. O.C. Withrow; Lt. A. McCormick; Lt. G.F. Stupart; Lt. K.C. Brooks; Lt. MacKendrick; Lt. H.A. Blake; Lt. A.J. Ogden; Lt. H.E. Moore; Lt. L.B. Kirkhouse; Lt. M.C. Wallace; Lt. G.F. Dimock; Lt. G.H. Elwell; and Lt. J.F. McLaren.