• Hermes Club Program, Invitation and Article, March 1940

      There is an invitation/advertisement for the concert of Harold Bradley on March 5th, 1940 St. Patrick's Hall in Niagara Falls. Also included is a program and a newspaper article describing the evening in March. The article reads: "Both the main floor of the auditorium and the balcony were filled with enthusiastic listeners, and as Mr. Bradley made his entrance on the concert stage and seated himself at the concert grand piano, a thunder of applause met him. As the program progressed, enthusiasm rose to unlimited bounds. His tremendous technical equipment, his skill in effective contrast, and the singing beauty of his lyric passages were notable features long to be remembered in the performance."
    • The School Must Make Friends with the Public

      Bradley, Harold (The School, Secondary Edition, Ontario College of Education, December 1943, p 290., 1943-12)
      Bradley discusses the importance of educators meeting with community members (parents). He mentions that the opportunity to form a communicative relationship with families can begin in the first grade and that this is something that is owed to the community in the same way as private schools. He states "Let the home and school association further strengthen the relationship between the teachers and its parent members, but let us not expect it to keep traffic moving back and forth across streams where there is no bridge."
    • Town Hall Concert - Program, Advertisement and Article

      A program, advertisement and newspaper clipping for the performance at The Town Hall in New York, N.Y.
    • Advertisements - Harold Bradley School of Music, 1948, 1949, n.d.

      1948, 1949
      An assortment of Harold Bradley Institute of Music advertisements. Some are dated 1948, 1949, others have no visible date.
    • Programme Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, 1949

      Lions International (1949-11-22)
      A programme from the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performance on November 22nd, 1949. Harold Bradley was a featured performer and a photograph is included.
    • Programme - A Tribute to Harold Bradley

      A programme for a tribute in honour of Harold Bradley and his contributions to musical education. The evening was planned by Grace Barnes and Isidor Philipp. There were several performances and a gift of a silver tray presented at the end.
    • Letter - Isidor Philipp to Harold Bradley, 1954

      Philipp, Isidor (1954)
      A letter from Isidor Philipp to Harold Bradley. The letter includes condolences to Bradley who had recently lost his father.
    • Photograph - Isidor Philipp and Harold Bradley, 1956

      A photograph of Isidor Philipp seated at the piano with Harold Bradley leaning against the piano. Both have signed the photograph and it is dated 1956.
    • Article - "World Famous Musicians Teach At Harold Bradley School of Music"

      An article about the work at the Harold Bradley School. It also mentions the addition of Deryck Aird to the staff as a director of the department of violin.
    • Letter - Isidor Philipp to Grace Barnes, 1957

      Philipp, Isidor (1957-12-22)
      A letter to Grace Barnes from Isidor Philipp. In the letter Philipp discusses a student coming from Hungary, "It is excellent for Harold to have an interesting pupil coming from Hungary from where many talented are coming to Paris. They are proud, thinking that the 'Budapest conservatory' is the best in the world..."
    • Graduation Address to Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Intitute, 1961

      Bradley, Harold (1961)
      The address give by Harold Bradley to the graduating class of the Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Institute in 1961. Also, there is an accompanying article which discusses the accomplishments of Bradley's lengthy career.
    • Graduation Program, 1961

      Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Institute (1961-11-17)
      The program lists Harold Bradley as the speaker for the graduating class. The program also lists the awards, one is called "The Harold Bradley Medal" which is given to "the student achieving the highest average on nine papers in Grade XIII examinations and the year's work on the same nine papers, the examinations and the years work being counted in equal proportion."
    • Advertisement - Bradley: A Philosophy of Education through Music

      A pamphlet advertisement for the Bradley Organization. In the advertisement, it states that this is the "forty-first anniversary of this world-wide music education research organization."
    • Photographs - Pre-school, Grace Barnes

      Two photographs with a comment about efficiency, "a student learns how to work efficiently by isolating and analyzing the difficulties in challenging passages. By a slow, concentrated approach, much can be accomplished in a short time." The first photograph is labelled "pre-school class 1979 at Bradley Institute" and the second "Grace Barnes - teacher".
    • Photographs - Pre-school, 1980

      Two photographs of the pre-school classes in 1980.
    • Bradley Institute Building 1984-2006

      A photograph of the exterior of the Bradley Institute at its 4687 Queen Street location in Niagara Falls. The Bradley Institute purchased the building in 1984 and remained there until 2006.
    • Deryck Aird Brief Biography for Bradley Institute For Music Education Research Limited

      Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited (1986)
      A brief biography of Deryck Aird, one of the directors of the institute. The biography mentions that "In 1950 he began a lifetime friendship with the famous Canadian pianist, Harold Bradley, and became involved in a music education project with him and other musicians which has evolved today into an organization known as the Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited."
    • Notice for 65th Anniversary, 1995

      Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited (1995-08)
      A notice for a reunion of former students and parents for the 65th anniversary of the Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited.
    • The Bradley Institute - Brief History

      The Bradley Institute (2000)
      The brief history discusses the founding of the institute in 1930 by Isidor Philipp and Harold Bradley up to the seventieth anniversary in the year 2000. Also mentioned, is the age of the participants, "the age level of the students continued to drop and under the leadership of Grace Barnes (now the senior member and president) babies as young as six days old were brought into the work. Pitch and rhythm exist before language and provide an ideal medium for the development of the necessary life-skills, physical, mental, and emotional."
    • Photograph - Isidor Philipp and Harold Bradley

      A photograph of Harold Bradley and Isidor Philipp.