• Letter to Helen and Art Lees from "Bill" William Coolin, 31 March 1940

      William, Coolin (1940-03-31)
      The letter begins with a note of congratulations for the birth of Peter Joseph Lees on March the 2nd. Coolin then passes on a note of condolence for the passing of Helen's Mother. William Coolin then describes his week of parties, one hosted by the London Irish Rifles, another night of dancing, a Masonic meeting and dinner, a show Thursday and Friday, and "a big dance on Saturday that is being given by the Countess of Durham and Viscountess Castlereagh. He then begins to discuss the war and how he believes it "might come to a sudden close this fall especially now that Russia has turned her down. I do not think Russia much of a meance though as they are not fighters, have no leaders and do not trust each other. The poor Finns made a mess of them as regards fighting troops, but too bad that Norway and Sweden did not allow the troops to pass through those countries to assist them."