• Letter from Andrew May to Erecta Morey, 10 November 1850

      May, Andrew (1850-11-10)
      A letter from Andrew May to Erecta Morey with a poem at the end that reads: "Loves the night when the moon streams bright, On flowers that drink the dew. When cascades shout as the stars peep out, From the boundless fields of blue; But dearer far than the moon or star, Or flowers of gaudy hue, Or murmering thrills of the mountain rills, I love, I Love, love-you. I love to stray at the close of day, Through groves of linden trees, When gushing notes from the song birds throats, Are vocal in the breeze. I love the night - the glorious night When hearts beat warm and true But far above the night I love, I love, I love, love-you."