This repository contains images, data sets and reports that document the work of D. P. McCarthy and his students at Brock University. Most of the collection is repeated photography of yellow-green black Rhizocarpon geographicum agg. lichens at permanently marked micro-plots on quartzite rocks downvalley from the Illecillewaet Glacier in British Columbia, Canada (51°15.116'N, 117°28.226'W). A few thousand of these images have been sharpened, color balanced, superimposed and geo-corrected to form time series that can provide recruitment, mortality, stage related growth rate data that are essential if we hope to move beyond the use of “black box” models and spurious assumptions and reshape lichenometric dating into a biologically defensible and truly reliable investigative tool.

The repository also includes data and reports that support lichen biomonitoring of ambient air quality in southern Ontario. This information is an historical baseline against which future biomonitoring work can be compared.

The repository has several collections.

Collection One: Lichen images, photographic time series, spreadsheets and graphs that support theses, reports and publications produced by D. P. McCarthy at his students at Brock University.

Collection Two: 4D models, raw images and model calibration reports.

Collection Three: GIFs showing change in lichens micro-plots over time.

Collection Four: Illustrations, posters, research reports and data sets that detail the work of D. P. McCarthy and Brock University students who have used lichens as biomonitors of urban air quality in Southern Ontario, Canada.

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