• An Exploration of the Current Orientation Practices for Clinical Instructors at Ontario University Nursing Programs

      Van Roon, Breann; Applied Health Sciences Program
      The Joint Provincial Nursing Committee in Ontario in 2015 set forth recommendations to improve clinical nursing education. This thesis was conducted to explore the current orientation processes for new clinical instructors within nursing programs at Ontario universities. Qualitative methodology, more specifically case study design, was chosen to guide the research process. Eight participants from six universities in Ontario were recruited, using purposeful sampling, and participated in semi-structured interviews. Four themes emerged from the data: (a) the process of orientation starts with the hiring process; (b) training methods and content of orientation programs; (c) completion of the orientation process; (d) clinical instructors as part-time employees. Findings indicated that there is a lack of a standardized orientation process across Ontario, resulting in inconsistencies in how clinical instructors teach across the province. It is recommended that an evidence-informed, standardized orientation model be developed to provide consistency in clinical education across Ontario.