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  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law Index 

    Unknown author (1973-08-28)
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law no. 75 

    Unknown author (1948-06-15)
    By-Law no. 75 begins "A by-law to govern the affairs of the company and repealing the by-laws of the company passed heretofore relating to the administration of the affairs of the company".
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law no. 82 

    Unknown author (1971-02-08)
    A by-law "to fix the remuneration and expense allowances of directors". It reads "Be it enacted as a By-law of Barnes Wines Limited: 1. That each Director of the Company be paid the sum of Seventy-five ($75,00) Dollars ...
  • Barnes Wines, Limited, Shares Certificate, 1934 

    Evans, John; Goffin, Florence (1934-05-03)
    A shares certificate issued to The National Trust Company for two hundred shares.
  • Barnes Wines, Limited, Shares Certificate, 1957 

    Evans, G.; Goffin, Florence (1951-08-14)
    Share certificate No. BP001, registered to Mrs. Bessie A. Barnes Barkley. The certificate has several shares transactions listed. The final number of shares redeemed on April 11th, 1957 is 316.
  • Barnes Wines, Limited, Special Resolution No.1 

    Unknown author (1958-02-10)
    The note at the start of the resolution reads: "A special resolution to authorize an application for supplementary letters patent varying the authorized capital of the company by re-classifying and changing certain shares ...