• Niagara Birds: A compendium of articles and species accounts of the birds of the Niagara Region in Ontario

      Black, John E.; Roy, Kayo J. (2010)
      Niagara Birds consists of some 25 articles and 368 species accounts authored by professional ornithologists and highly experienced amateur birders. An excellent account of the birds of Niagara up to the year 1965 was written by Clark Beardslee and Harold Mitchell in Birds of the Niagara Frontier Region*. Our purpose of writing Niagara Birds was to update the avian diversity in Regional Niagara over the succeeding 41-year period 1966 to 2006 and to provide a base from which to note future changes in this bird-rich and attractive corner of Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula. With topics ranging from the interaction of birds and grape growers to the effect of West Nile Virus on owls, these articles will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. The data-filled species accounts for both common and extremely rare birds of Niagara will be of interest to the general reader, students, researchers and professional ornithologists. The design and layout of the book was created by Judie Shore of Aurora Ontario. *Beardslee, C.S., and H.D. Mitchell. 1965. Birds of the Niagara Frontier Region: An annotated check-list. Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences 22:1 -478.