• Small jewelry case

      Small jewelry case with the name A.H. Baldwin, numismatist, Duncannon St., Charing Cross, London, W.C. Within the box is a silver medallion which is 4 cm. in diameter. The medal is engraved “William Dummer Powell and Anne Murray, intermarried 3rd October 1775”. This is from the Jarvis Family. It is a Powell Marriage medal. Silver medals were given to family members and bronze medals were given to guests. The one gold medal was struck for Mrs. Powell. This medal is Mary Boyles Powell Jarvis’ medal. She was the daughter of William Dummer Powell and the wife of Samuel Peters Jarvis. The medal was purchased from the Jarvis Family. The other side is engraved “To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary, Upper Canada, 3rd October, 1825”