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  • Nonlinear dynamics of granular assemblies 

    Przedborski, Michelle
    In this work we investigate granular chains, which are one-dimensional systems of discrete macroscopic particles interacting via the intrinsically nonlinear Hertz law. Such systems support the propagation of solitary waves ...
  • Structural, Magnetic and Thermal Studies of Ce1-xEuxCrO3 Nano-Powders 

    Taheri, Maryam
    A new series of nano-sized Ce1-xEuxCrO3 (x = 0.0 to 1.0) with an average particle size of 50 - 80 nm were synthesized using a solution combustion method. Nano-powders Ce1-xEuxCrO3 with the canted antiferromagnetic property ...
  • Theory and Application of a Pure-sampling Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithm 

    Ospadov, Egor
    The objective of pure-sampling quantum Monte Carlo is to calculate physical properties that are independent of the importance sampling function being employed in the calculation, save for the mismatch of its nodal hypersurface ...