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dc.contributor.authorThomas Monro
dc.contributor.authorJohn Page
dc.description.abstractHistorical map showing land ownership in area of proposed route for the Third Welland Canal. Gives names of landowner, lot numbers, small section of street plan of St. Catharines in Rolls Ave. and old Lake Road area. A chart indicates land required for canal purposes giving owner's name, lot and concession and approximate acreage. Relief shown by hachures. Scale 3 chains per inch. "Signed: Thomas Monro and John Page. Thorold, Aug. 1, 1873." Map Date: 1873. Library Archives Canada attributes this map to George Monro Gibson, though his signature is not on this version. Digital reproduction of map in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library & Archives Canada. Georeferenced and modified from LAC e011168611 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
dc.rightsNo restrictions
dc.subjectSt. Catharines
dc.subjectPort Dalhousie
dc.titleWelland Canal enlargement, new line Thorold to Port Dalhousie : plan of lands between the town of St. Catharines and Port Dalhousie.
dc.coverage.boxnorthlimit=43.203769; westlimit=-79.279895; southlimit=43.168599; eastlimit=-79.227279

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