• Letter to Wanda Hermann from Laura de Turczynowicz and Peter de Turczynowicz

      de Turczynowicz, Laura; de Turczynowicz, Peter (1941-04-04)
      There are two letter that arrived for Wanda Hermann from her Mother Laura de Turczynowicz and her brother Peter de Turczynowicz. The first letter from her mother, discusses the weather in California and asks about Wanda's portrait that she recently painted. The second letter from her brother Peter reads in part "Dear Wanda, I hear you have all your pictures framed which is very much better than it was, I wrote Adelaide awhile ago but she as yet has not answered. Madame just read "Nazarene" by Soleman Asch which is really very good, have you been able to get "Secret Scepter" by Francis Gerard. Hobart is going to church next Sunday with us. goodfriend was down for bridge last night his bridge is very strange. We have had "Bambi's Family" by Sauter. It has been raining quite a lot Santa Monica has 31.63 in normal 12. in it is blowing and trying to rain right now which it certainly will do before long...navy stuck it chin out a little too far with german urgeing of course...I guess Hitler does not love the Serbes not too much any way."