• Carte Reduite du Globe Terrestre

      Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1757)
      1757: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Carte Reduite du Globe Terrestre”, coloured map of the world, published as the initial map of Bellin’s maps of the world in 1757, roughly 30 cms by 19 cms.
    • Planisphere suivant la Projection de Mercator 1780

      Bonne, Rigobert (1780)
      Mercator projection of the world in 1780. The map does not take into account recent explorations of the Pacific. It was originally in Guillaume Raynal's "Atlas de Toutes les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestres Dresse pour l'Histoire Philosophique et Politique des Etablissemens et du Commerce des Europeens dans les Deux Indes".
    • A View of ye General & Coasting Trade Winds

      Moll, Herman (1715)
      c. 1715: Herman Moll, “A View of ye General & Coasting Trade Winds”, map of the world about 51 cms wide by 19 cms high, black and white, showing the trade winds throughout the world according to information provided by Dr. Edmund Halley; although this purports to be one of the maps drawn by Moll to prove that California was an island, this version of the map does not have what other published versions show, namely, a California partly hidden by the title of the work; in this one, California is clearly not an island, and the gulf of California is visible. It is taken from Vol. II of an unidentified work, and is plate number XXXI on p. 199.