• Amerique Septentrionale 1780

      Bonne, Rigobert (1780)
      A map from Guillaume Raynal's "Atlas de Toutes les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre, Dresse pour l'Histoire Philosophique et Politque des Etablissemens et du Commerce des Europeens dans les Deux Indes". The map depicts North America without many political divisions. It measures 38 cms x 28 cms.
    • Canada ou Nouvelle France

      1683-1719: Allain Manesson-Mallet, “Canada ou Nouvelle France”, small map, approximately 10 cms by 14 cms, coloured in soft pastels, published some time between 1683 and 1719, and focusing on the French possessions in North America.
    • Carte Reduite des Partis Septentrionales du Globe, situees entre L'asia et L'Amerique

      Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1758)
      This map was initially published as part of Bellin's "Histoire Generale des Voyages" in 1758. The map is in colour and measures 40 cms x 26 cms approximately.
    • Golfe de St. Laurent, Isle et Bancs de Terre Neuve

      Vaugondy, Robert de (1749)
      1749: Robert de Vaugondy, “Golfe de Stl Laurent, Isle et Bancs de Terre Neuve”, published in 1749 as page 195 of a larger atlas; coloured nicely, unframed, roughly 18 cms by 17 cms.
    • Map of North America 1764

      Jeffrey, Thomas (1764)
      A map of North America from Salmon's "Geography", 1764. The map is hand-coloured after publication.
    • A Map of the British Empire in North America

      Dunn, Samuel (1776)
      1776: Samuel Dunn, “A Map of the British Empire in North America”, a largish map, about 47 cms high by 30 cms wide, published in London in 1776 and showing the British Empire’s possessions in North America on the eve of the American revolution; coloured in pastels; with fold mark in the middle as it had been part of a book used by both sides in the American Revolutionary war for geographic information on the colonies.
    • The North West Part of North America

      Morden, Robert (1687)
      1687: Robert Morden, “The North West Part of North America”, small map, 12 cm by 12 cms with wider borders, gently coloured, showing British and French possessions in North East North America.
    • Partie de l'Amerique septentrionale

      Chatelain, Henry Abraham (1719)
      1719: Henry Abraham Chatelain, “Partie de L'Amerique Septentrionale”, cut from a larger page with several maps of the New World, this portion of the northern and eastern part of North America; map is 12 cm by 12 cm with no borders (having been cut from the larger page); coloured long ago; text in French explaining the contents of the map.
    • Western Hemisphere

      Wyld, James (1823)
      1823: James Wyld, map of the “Western Hemisphere”, published as P. 6 in Atlas of the World; very gently coloured, unfolded, unframed, roughly 29 cms by 23 cms.