• Isle Royale

      Vaugondy, Robert de (after 1749)
      after 1749: Robert de Vaugondy, “Isle Royale”, map published as page 102 in an atlas as yet undated specifically, of Cape Breton, with an emphasis on the French fortification of Louisbourg; almost white, but a pastel shade of blue, with some colouring of the major geographic features of the island; approximately 19 cm by 17 cms.
    • A Plan of the City & Harbour of Louisbourg

      Anon (1758)
      1758: Anon, “A Plan of the Cityy & Harbour of Louisbourg”, published in Gentleman’s Magazine in 1758 on the eve of the siege of Louisbourg by British forces, which were eventually successful in forcing its capitulation and eventual destruction; coloured, with a fold mark in the middle corresponding to the magazine fold.