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  • Anthony Finley’s map of “Canada”, 

    Finley, Anthony (1827)
    1827: Anthony Finley’s map of “Canada”, engraved by Young and Delleker for the 1827 edition of Finley’s “A New General Atlas”; American map-maker, based in Philadelphia, who worked primarily in the 1820s and 1830s. ...
  • Canada 1788 

    Bonne, Rigobert (1788)
    The map was prepared and published in Bonne's two volume "Atlas Encyclopedique" in Paris in 1788. It measures 40 cms x 28 cms.
  • Canada ou Nouvelle France 

    Unknown author (1683-1719)
    1683-1719: Allain Manesson-Mallet, “Canada ou Nouvelle France”, small map, approximately 10 cms by 14 cms, coloured in soft pastels, published some time between 1683 and 1719, and focusing on the French possessions in ...
  • Canada: the Province of Ontario and part of Quebec 

    Unknown author (Blackie & Son, Edinburgh and London, 1882)
    1882: Canada: the Province of Ontario and part of Quebec, published by Blackie & Son, Edinburgh & London. A coloured map of southern Ontario with major roads and railways, and also showing the western part of Quebec; ...
  • “Canada” drawn by Arrowsmith in 1823 

    Arrowsmith, A. (A. Constable & Co., Edinburgh, 1823)
    1823, “Canada” drawn by Arrowsmith in 1823 and published by A. Constable & Co., Edinburgh; lightly coloured map originally published in a book, roughly 26 cms by 21 cms on a larger sheet of paper indicating that it was page XLIX.
  • Isle et Banc de Terre-Neuve et Isle St. Jean; avec L’Acadie ou la Nouvelle Ecosse 

    Bonne, Rigobert (1787)
    1787: Rigobert Bonne, “Isle et Banc de Terre-Neuve et Isle St. Jean; avec L’Acadie ou la Nouvelle Ecosse”; hand coloured map, in pastels; from Bonne’s Atlase Supplement of 1787; map about 35 cms by 23 cms.
  • Isle Royale 

    Vaugondy, Robert de (after 1749)
    after 1749: Robert de Vaugondy, “Isle Royale”, map published as page 102 in an atlas as yet undated specifically, of Cape Breton, with an emphasis on the French fortification of Louisbourg; almost white, but a pastel shade ...
  • L’Isle de Terre-Neuve L’Acadie, ou La Nouvelle Ecosse, l’Isle St. Jean et la Partie Orientale du Canada 

    Bonne, Rigobert (1783)
    1783-4: Rigobert Bonne, “L’Isle de Terre-Neuve L’Acadie, ou La Nouvelle Ecosse, l’Isle St. Jean et la Partie Orientale du Canada”; a re-issue of a map initially released in 1780 with Bonne’s name below the title of the ...
  • A New Map of Upper & Lower Canada 

    Stockdale, John (1798)
    1798: John Stockdale, “A New Map of Upper & Lower Canada”, hand-coloured in soft pastels, map about 23 cms by 17 cms; from a publication, Travels Through the States of North America.
  • Plan du Port Royal dans l’Acadie 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1764)
    1764: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Plan du Port Royal dans l’Acadie”, a map roughly 33 cms by 20 cms, with coloration on geographic features; from Bellin’s petit atlas of 1764; almost identical to a 1744 map of the same ...
  • A Plan of the City & Harbour of Louisbourg 

    Anon (1758)
    1758: Anon, “A Plan of the Cityy & Harbour of Louisbourg”, published in Gentleman’s Magazine in 1758 on the eve of the siege of Louisbourg by British forces, which were eventually successful in forcing its capitulation ...
  • Port de Louisbourg dans L’Isle Royale 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1764)
    1764: J. N. Bellin, “Port de Louisbourg dans L’Isle Royale”, from the same atlas as the above map, this one map number 23 of volume I; map is 32 cms wide by 21 cms high.
  • Renvois du Plan de Louisbourg dans L’Isle Royale, au Canada 

    Therbu, Laurid de (1789)
    c. 1789: Laurid de Therbu, “Renvois du Plan de Louisbourg dans L’Isle Royale, au Canada”; small map in black and white only, approximately 9 cms by 12 cms, a smaller version of a larger map of Louisbourg published ...
  • Souvenir Pamphlet - Opening of The Canadian Pacific Railway from "Ocean to Ocean" 

    Canada Bank Note Co. (1886-06-28)
    A "souvenir of the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Great Canadian Highway of Commerce and Travel and the connecting link between the Atlantic and Pacific. Built under the auspices of Sir John A. Macdonald, ...
  • Western Hemisphere 

    Wyld, James (1823)
    1823: James Wyld, map of the “Western Hemisphere”, published as P. 6 in Atlas of the World; very gently coloured, unfolded, unframed, roughly 29 cms by 23 cms.