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    Issam Massouh [collector]; Issam Massouh [cataloguer]
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    B. Gillis [collector]; B. Gillis [cataloguer]
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    Carrol Richter [collector]; Carrol Richter [cataloguer]
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    Gerry Hutchinson [collector]; Gerry Hutchinson [cataloguer]
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    Paul Pietsch [collector]; Paul Pietsch [cataloguer]
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    David Bain [collector]; David Bain [cataloguer]
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    David Bain [collector]; David Bain [cataloguer]
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    Gary Gifford [collector]; Gary Gifford [cataloguer]
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    Arthur Coles [collector]; Arthur Coles [cataloguer]
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    David R. Emmons [collector]; David R. Emmons [cataloguer]
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    V. Galvin [collector]; V. Galvin [cataloguer]
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    Donato, Andy (1937- ) (2000-12-31)
  • 1,1-enediamines and β-substituted enamines in heterocyclic synthesis 

    Namdev, Nivedita D. (Brock University, 1992-07-09)
    The work in this thesis mainly deals with l,l-enediamines and ~ -substituted enamines (push-pull olefines) and their reactions, leading to the formation of a number of heterocycles. Various ~-substituted enamines were ...
  • 100th Birthday Certificate, 2011 

    Unknown author (2011)
    A certificate of congratulations of the occasion of Dorothy Rungeling's 100th birthday, 12 May 2011. There is a certificate of best wishes signed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a certificate from the House of Commons ...
  • 10th Anniversary - Niagara Advance 

    Ziraldo, Donald; Kaiser, Karl (1985-07-10)
  • 11:59:55 - 31/12/99 

    Donato, Andy (1937- ) (1999-08-29)
  • 13th Floor 

    Unknown author (2009-03-03)
    The Alumni or former Faculty and Staff Lounge on the 13th floor of the Schmon Tower.
  • 14 K. Gold Cigarette Case 

    Unknown author (1919-11-25)
    14 K. gold cigarette case which was a gift to Percy from Margaret. It is engraved M.J.W. to P.C.B. Nov. 25 – 1919 on the inside and the initials P.C.B. are on the outside, [this is inside a suede pouch, 1919.
  • 1963 Annual All Women's International Air Race Program 

    Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood-By-The-Sea, Florida; Florida Women Pilots Assoc., Inc. (1963-05)
    A program for the 1963 Annual All Women's International Air Race from Welland, Ontario, Canada to Hollywood-by-the-Sea, Florida. The race took place May 28-29-30 and was sponsored by the Hollywood-By-The-Sea, Florida, ...
  • 1964-1965 The Blue Badger 

    Unknown author (2014-05-14)