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  • Business data: issues and challenges from the Canadian perspective 

    Lowry, Linda; Hong, Eun-ha (IASSIST, 2008-08-15)
    This paper explores the issues and challenges that we have faced as Canadian academic business librarians when working with business data. As this is an exploratory study, we hope only to start a discussion among data ...
  • Business leadership in the classroom 

    MacRae, John Donald. (Brock University, 2003-07-09)
    This action research assesses a framework that assists business educators in promoting leadership within a classroom. It is designed to better prepare students to assume leadership and fill the "leadership gap" in business. ...
  • Bust of Sir Isaac Brock 

    MacCarthy, Hamilton Plantagenet (1896)
    Portrait bust of Sir Isaac Brock, evidently done posthumously. This is evident in the fact that The Order of the Bath, (which was awarded to General Brock after his death) is present on the bust’s left side of the tunic.
  • BUSU Irresponsible and Bureaucratic: Resigning Executive Raps Brock Student Government 

    Unknown author (circa 1967)
    The minister of publications, Frank Reynolds, goes on record about his opinion of the Brock University Student Union before resigning. He is quoted saying that BUSU, "is too caught up in itself to do anything relevant to ...
  • The Butler papers - Pt. I. 1711-1777 

    Smy, William A. (1994)
    Documents and papers relating to Colonel John Butler and his corps of rangers. Pt.I. 1711-1777
  • The Butler papers - Pt. II. 1778-1779 

    Smy, William A. (1994)
    Documents and papers relating to Colonel John Butler and his corps of rangers, Pt. II. 1778-1779.
  • The Butler papers - Pt. III. 1780-1782 

    Smy, William A. (1994)
    Documents and papers relating to Colonel John Butler and his corps of rangers. Pt.III. 1780-1782.
  • The Butler papers - Pt. IV. 1783-1977 

    Smy, William A. (1994)
    Documents and papers relating to Colonel John Butler and his corps of rangers. Pt.IV. 1783-1977.
  • Butomus umbellatus Linnaeus 

    V. Galvin [collector]; V. Galvin [cataloguer]
  • Butomus umbellatus Linnaeus 

    Queen's University Herbarium [collector]; C. Harold Zavitz [cataloguer]
  • Buying Britney : pop culture icons to cultural brands 

    Saray, Markian. (Brock University, 2007-11-04)
    This thesis demonstrates that mUSIC stars who attain cultural icon status heavily contribute to the fashion styles of the time. Where as style and music have always had a connection, icons such as Britney Spears are now ...
  • Buying Niagara 

    Unknown author (The Nineteenth Century, December 1886, pp. 815-823., 1886)
    The article discusses, in detail, the political process of procuring the area around Niagara Falls for preservation. The author writes "The love of nature and of the beautiful, patriotism and pride in retaining unimpaired ...
  • By Laws of the Corporation of the Town of Welland, 1878 [fragment] 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
    1 fragmented page 38 x 20 cm.
  • “By talking about it we can make it a positive thing”: Autistic people negotiating identity and understanding in discursive contexts 

    Monroe, Hannah
    Broderick and Ne’eman write that in the early 2000s autism took hold of “the public imagination internationally” becoming a “popular cultural obsession” (2008:462). Autistic people are discursively constituted within this ...
  • By-election - Paul Martin 

    Donato, Andy (1937- )
  • By-Law no. 12 

    Reid, John G. (1880-05-05)
    A by-law begins: "It was then moved by R.S. Kinner and Seconded by George Barnes that by Law No. 12 be read. Whereas by Identure bearing date thirteenth day of August A.D. 1873 made between one George Barnes of the first ...
  • By-Law No. 21 

    Unknown author (1901-09-02)
    A by-law that reads in part, "Be it therefore enacted by the Ontario Grape Growing & Wines Manufacturing Company Limited, that the said George Plunkett Magann is hereby directed and required to convey premises, namely all ...
  • By-Law No. 56 

    Evans, John (1934-02-05)
    The by-law reads: "Be it enacted as a By-Law of the Ontario Grape Growing & Wine Manufacturing Company Limited that the Directors be and they are hereby authorized to make application to the lieutenant-Governor of the ...
  • By-Laws No. 1 through 11 

    Barnes, George (1873-07-05)
    The by-laws are signed by George Barnes and include the first two which state the name of the company is the Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company and the second by-law states that the place of business is ...
  • By-laws of the municipal council of the United Counties of Lincoln and Welland, 1852 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
    Fonds consists of one folded sheet, printed on three sides.