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  • Vicia cracca Linnaeus 

    [collector]; [cataloguer]
  • Vicia cracca Linnaeus 

    G.J. Julie [collector]; G.J. Julie [cataloguer]
  • Vicia cracca Linnaeus 

    J.A. Wilson [collector]; J.A. Wilson [cataloguer]
  • Vicia cracca Linnaeus 

    S. Duncan [collector]; S. Duncan [cataloguer]
  • Vicia cracca Linnaeus 

    B. Culham [collector]; B. Culham [cataloguer]
  • Vicia cracca Linnaeus 

    Diane Beaulieu [collector]; Diane Beaulieu [cataloguer]
  • Vicia cracca Linnaeus 

    A. Beaumont [collector]; A. Beaumont [cataloguer]
  • Vicia cracca Linnaues 

    Tranter [collector]; Tranter [cataloguer]
  • Vicia craccaLinnaeus 

    Wayne Fealls [collector]; Wayne Fealls [cataloguer] (1973)
  • The Vicinity of Niagara Falls Map 

    Unknown author (ca. 1853)
    A map of Niagara Falls and surrounding area. Some of the locations included on the map are: Thorold (Allanburg, Port Robinson), Welland (Crowland, Willoughby), Erie County, Grand Island, Lewiston, Queenston, Stamford, ...
  • Victorian Order of Nurses Fonds, 1946-1963 (non-inclusive) 

    Adams, Anne (2016-06-07)
    7 cm. (1/4box) containing correspondence, clippings and promotional material
  • Victory Medal 

    Unknown author (1914-1919)
    Victory Medal (Inter-Allied War Medal) which was awarded to all ranks of fighting forces. This is a circular, copper medal, lacquered bronze. It measures 3 1/2 cm in diameter and has a picture of Victory on the front. ...
  • Videopoetry = Vidéopoésie 

    Dugas, Daniel H.; LeBlanc, Valerie (Small Walker Press, 2020)
    Canadian digital artist and videopoet Valerie LeBlanc and Canadian poet, musician, and videopoet ******** Daniel H. Dugas have been working together since 1990. Daniel H. Dugas was born in Montréal, QC. Poet, videographer, ...
  • View of Falls from Steel Bridge, Niagara, U.S.A. 

    Underwood & Underwood (1903)
    The description of the image reads "(4)-8972-General view of Falls from new steel bridge - Maid of the Mist at landing - Niagara, U.S.A." The reverse of the image includes the description, "We are standing on the new steel ...
  • A View of ye General & Coasting Trade Winds 

    Moll, Herman (1715)
    c. 1715: Herman Moll, “A View of ye General & Coasting Trade Winds”, map of the world about 51 cms wide by 19 cms high, black and white, showing the trade winds throughout the world according to information provided by ...
  • Village Construction 

    Unknown author (2009-03-03)
  • Village Expansion 

    Unknown author (2009-03-03)
    Built in 1989, Village Residences added more units in 1992.
  • [Village of Port Dalhousie map sheet from the Welland Canal Book 1] 

    Unknown author (1850?)
    Historical map is Map 1 from the Welland Canal Book 1, showing Port Dalhousie's roads, buildings, dry dock and Lock 1 of the First and Second Welland Canal. Includes lot and concession numbers, land owner names, buildings, ...
  • The Vineyards of Champagne 

    Unknown author (1889-12-07)
    An article with illustrations that discusses the vineyards of Champagne. The article remarks on the history of wine, regions where the grapes are grown, and the types of wines produced by the vineyards. There are sixteen ...