Here you'll be able to find a collection of unique items created by Brock University.

  • The perfect space: classroom environments and learning outcomes 

    Yates, Elizabeth; Cotton, Justine (2015-01-27)
    What impact does a classroom space have on learning outcomes for students? Does a perfect library teaching space exist? This presentation highlights the findings of a 2014 survey of teaching librarians and library staff ...
  • Rules and Regulations of the St. Catharines Club 

    Unknown author (1885)
    The booklet is a printed set of rules and regulations for the St. Catharines Club. It is pocket size and has several blank pages in the back. The blank pages have handwritten names including H.K. Woodruff. Also included ...
  • Ontario Game and Fishery Laws 1916 

    Minister of Public Works (1916)
    A paperback booklet of the Ontario Game and Fishery Laws 1916. The booklet is 91 pages in length and includes an index. See the full text in the Brock University Special Collections and Archives.
  • Canadian Military Institute: Officers of the British Forces in Canada during the War of 1812-1815 

    Irving, L. Homfray (Welland Tribune Print, 1908)
    There is a note in the front cover written to Mary from B. Johnston on April 22, 1942. He refers to page 73 of the book in which William Woodruff is listed as a Lieutenant and Richard Woodruff is listed as an Ensign in ...
  • The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 

    Unknown author (1914)
    This book was presented by the Canadian Bible Society (British & Foreign Bible Society) to the Canadian Soldiers in the war of 1914. There is an inscription which reads "Niagara-on-the-Lake, August 15th 1915 Presented to ...

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