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  • GM Canada St. Catharines Plants, Vol.1 No. 1, 1978

    General Motors (1978)
    The first issue of General Motors Canada St. Catharines Plant: Let's All Build Together. The issue includes: A Message From Our Manager, Financial Department, Axle Plant, Safety Tips, 1978 Events, Events and Happenings, Down Memory Lane, Retirement, Working Together - The United Way, Congratulations To..., Engine Plant, People Have Ideas, Foundry Awards of Merit, What's In a Name.

    Arachchilage, Thilini
    The two-dimensional misfit layer dichalcogenide compounds [(MX)1+δ]m [(TX2)n] consist of alternating stackings of two subsystems of MX (Rock Salt) and TX2 (Transition metal dichalcogenide). Where, M = Sn, Pb, Bi, rare earth; X = S, Se; T = Ti, V, Nb, Ta, Cr. In Misfit layer compound (MLCs), at least one lattice parameter of the two subsystem unit cells should be incommensurate. m and n are integers that determine the stacking arrangement of MX and TX2 layers[1]. As a part of this research, attempts to synthesize single crystal of [(SnSe)1+δ]m [(V Se2)n] using a chemical vapour transport technique with I2 crystals as the transporting agent were carried out. Mixed crystals were formed with thin layers of [(SnSe)1+δ]m [(V Se2)n] present among the other byproduct materials. Monolayer, bilayer, and trilayer misfit layers were observed. The compositions and crystal structure of the misfit layer were investigated by Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction respectively. The parent compound, VSe2 was successfully synthesized as single crystal using the same method. Characteristic MLC vibrational modes were studied via optical Raman spectroscopy measurements and compared to the parent compound, VSe2. At 3.5 K, three characteristic vibrational modes are observed in the XX polarized Raman spectrum: Ag(1), Ag(2), Eg. Based on the observed Ag(1) mode in VSe2, the MLC Ag modes have been shifted. Those Raman frequencies for the intralayer vibrations of the VSe2 layers in the MLC deviate from that of the VSe2 crystals, which may be due to the charge 2 transfer from the SnSe layer to the VSe2 layer. In addition, the polar plots of the intensity of the MLC vibrational modes as a function of XX polarization angle are presented to study the symmetry of the vibrational mode. In comparison with the VSe2 Ag mode, both MLC Ag modes exhibit two-fold polarization anisotropy with a period of 180 degrees. This reveals that the site symmetry of the MLC is altered compared to VSe2.
  • 199 News, September and October 2008

    Local 199 UAW (2008-09)
    An issue of 199 News for September and October 2008. This issue includes: Remembering Brother Gabe MacNally, Farewell Message From Buzz Hargrove, GM Benefit Highlights, Asbestos Exposures Documented, Do We Need All This Stuff?, Local 199 Welcomes Border Pontiac, A Little About Genaire, The Caretaker's Gift, Vote October 14 For Change!, Labour Day Parade, Retirees' Recreation Report, Harper Shows No Support For Job Losses, GM Contract Ratification, New Courses At Local 199, 2008 Retirees Updates, CAW Supports National Day of Action For First Nations, A Woman's Work Is Never Done!, Congratulations to Our Latest Retirees!, Western Cultures Influence Asian, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Kid's Christmas Party Changes Format, Zooz Family Picnic, No Justice No Peace, GM Chairperson.
  • 199 News, April and May 2008

    Local 199 UAW (2008-04)
    An issue of 199 News for April and May 2008. This issue includes: Niagara Region Manufacturing Matters Campaign a Success..., Bethlehem Project Comes to a Close, Document Asbestos Exposure!, Call Your Reps!, Chilling News About The "Dying" Industry, Retirees' Recreation Report, Retirees' Report, Close To Home: We Are What We Buy, Make Everyday Earth Day!, Buy Local...Buy Canadian, In Other's Words, Obituaries, Zero Tolerance For Harassment, GM Pension Update, One Job Loss May Seem Insignificant...Unless It's Yours!, GM Spousal Audits: Please Read!, Working Alone Must Never Happen, Freedom of Speech VS. Pro-Hate, Fun and Games, National Day of Silence For Slain Student, Organizing Critical To Local, Fundraisers!, CAW Get The Blues For Autism Niagara, Manufacturing Matters!!
  • 199 News, September 2007

    Local 199 UAW (2007-09)
    An issue of 199 News for September 2007. This issue includes: Our Jobs, Our Communities, and Our Future; Around The Local, Brian Cullen, Brunner, Coutts, David Chev Olds, Ed Learn Ford, Edscha, FirstOntario Credit Union, Genaire, Lafrate, John Bear, Neptunus, Securitas, Seneca, Tora; Fight For Change: Vote Oct. 10th, Rebuilding Union Power; Is Global Warming Making You Sick?!; Fair Industrial Hydro Rates; GM's Green Initiative Endangers Workers; Government Distorts Costs of P3's; Labour Day Parade 2007; Retirees' Recreation Report; Concessions: A Race To The Bottom; 2007 Retirees Updates; Why Manufacturing Matters; SUB and EI Report; New Courses At Local 199; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Bethlehem Project: Home Sweet Home!; More Women In Unions Than Men, A Canadian First; SPP Will Force Canadians To Adapt To US Policy: Harper Ignores Demands of Canadians With SPP; Golf, Picnic and Parade!; No Justice, No Peace; Environment Conference 2007.

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