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  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 4 No 4, October 1897 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1897-10)
    The Niagara Rainbow for October 1897. Included in this edition: The Visit of his Excellency, Mgr. Merry Del Val, Brahms, Rilma, Jean Ingelow, Morning on the Hills, H.M.D.G., A Crusader's Soliloquy, Special Correspondence, ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 4 No 3, June 1897 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1897-06)
    The Niagara Rainbow for June 1897. Included in this edition: Conversation, The Loom of Life, The Vulgarity of Super-Refinement, Lines, The Undersong of home, Thoughts of Our Girls, Responses to the Roll Call at an Open ...
  • Modelling and Proving Cryptographic Protocols in the Spi Calculus using Coq 

    Tonet, Adam
    The spi calculus is a process algebra used to model cryptographic protocols. A process calculus is a means of modelling a system of concurrently interacting agents, and provides tools for the description of communications ...

    Tongkoua Nkamou, Anne Patricia
    Drug delivery systems (DDS) have become an important focus research over the past three decades with the emergence of new therapies based on biomolecules such as peptides, DNA, enzymes etc., with the aim of improving or ...
  • Pictorial map of Canada's Economic Boom 

    Braundsdorf, George (1956)
    A map indicating "some of the highlights of Canada's economic boom. It's a giant-size boom, which is turning the United Stats' once poor neighbor to the north into a very prosperous nation".

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