Here you'll be able to find a collection of unique items created by Brock University.

  • An Abstract Algebraic Theory of L-Fuzzy Relations for Relational Databases 

    Chowdhury, Abdul Wazed
    Classical relational databases lack proper ways to manage certain real-world situations including imprecise or uncertain data. Fuzzy databases overcome this limitation by allowing each entry in the table to be a fuzzy set ...
  • The Role of Membrane Lipid Composition on Skeletal Muscle Damage in the Rodent Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 

    Zibamanzarmofrad, Maral
    Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a X-linked muscle disease, which leads to alterations in membrane phospholipid fatty acid (FA) composition and skeletal muscle damage. Increased membrane saturated FA in muscular dystrophy ...
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 92 

    Unknown author (1982-04-06)
    The By-Law reads "being a by-law increasing the number of directors of the Corporation be it enacted and it is hereby enacted as a special by-law of Barnes Wines, Limited (hereinafter called the "Corporation") as follows: ...
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 91 

    Unknown author (1975-09-11)
    The summary states "a by-law respecting the borrowing of money, the issuing of securities and the securing of liabilities of Barnes Wines, Limited".
  • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 90 

    Unknown author (1975-09-11)
    The By-Law summary states it is "a by-law relating generally to the transaction of the business and affairs of Barnes Wines, Limited". The sub headings of the bill are as follows: Head Office, Corporate Seal, Meetings ...

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