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Researcher Profiles


  • The Press, Volume 10, Issue 12, November 22, 1973

    Higgins, Lesley (EIC); Crichton, Jim (Writer); Valverde, Marianne (Writer); Majtenyi, Anne Marie (Writer); Cook, Colleen (Writer); Kiss, Klara (Writer); Scovil, Dave (Writer); Macrae, Andrew (Writer) (1973-11-22)
    The Press, Volume 10, Issue 12 includes: Discussion regarding whether a gas station should be opened on campus; Lorne Williams, cherished member of Brock’s Board of Trustees steps down; On November 18th, the Feminist Encounter Movement held a consciousness raising session at Brock; What is all this nonsense about a boycott? Kraft is being boycotted by the National Farmers Union and now the students, but after a year, students want Kraft products to sold in the residence Tuck Shop.
  • The Press, Volume 10, Issue 11, November 15, 1973

    Higgins, Lesley (EIC); Cook, Colleen (Writer); Aldridge, Jim (Writer); Gray, John (Writer); Bannon, Cheryl (Writer); Scovil, Dave (Writer); Majtenyi, Anne Marie (Writer); Wilbur, John (Writer) (1973-11-15)
    The Press, Volume 10, Issue 11 includes: Scientists are cloning frogs and this is causing some public paranoia regarding the impact of the individuality of identity; Does the individual count in our democratic system?; Additions to the University Programme with extra funds.
  • The Press, Volume 10, Issue 10, Novembr 8, 1973

    Higgins, Lesley (EIC); Aldridge, Jim (Writer); Honsl, Cathy (Writer); Cook, Colleen (Writer); Valverde, Clara (Writer); Wedge, Grant (Writer); Bannon, Cheryl (Writer); Cotterell, Dave (Writer); Macrae, Andrew (Writer) (1973-11-01)
    The Press, Volume 10, Issue 10 includes: The Brock students’ Council’s (BUSAC) position in relationship to the structure of the residence Central House Committee is to determine and support what the residence students want; Full time enrollment in post-secondary education has gone up 30% since the year before; New Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme replace the Ontario Graduate Fellowship Programme; The residence controversy: Discussion surrounding what the role of a residence don should entail; Comet Kahoutek to dominate the skies in December and January, could be the brightest comet of the century.
  • The Press, Volume 10, Issue 9, November 1, 1973

    Higgins, Lesley (EIC); Scovil, Dave (Writer); Honsl, Cathy (Writer); Ingrassia, Joanne (Writer); Valdvere, Marianne (Writer); Cook, Colleen (Writer); Lee, Charles (Writer); Hein, Lelan E. (Writer) (1973-11-01)
    The Press, Volume 10, Issue 9 includes: Group of Brock students attend an open pro-life meeting (Niagara Right to Life) to discuss matters of legal abortion; The Society for Asian Studies (S.A.S) is formed at Brock; National Union of Students demands sweeping reforms regarding tuition prices; Abortion should be legal: a discussion about Malcom Muggeridge’s presentation at the Right to Life meeting.
  • The Press, Volume 10, Issue 8, October 25, 1973

    Higgins, Lesley (EIC); Valverde, Marianne (Writer); Scovil, Dave (Writer); Lee, Charles J. (Writer); Bogusis, Sylvia (Writer); Levesque, Gaylene (Writer) (1973-10-25)
    The Press, Volume 10, Issue 8 includes: Residence dons ignore referendum and create a games room; Brock students boycotting Kraft foods; A new Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme was announced.

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