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  • The Times (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

    Pickwell Bros., 1896-05-14
    J. De W. Randall, meteorological observer for the government, includes the daily readings of his thermometer of the highs and lows of the temperature; obituary of Mrs. A. MacMurray; a letter to the editor stating that something must be done to keep the cows off the streets of Niagara; a page-long sermon from Rev. Dr. Talmage; an article summarizing reports of various counties across Ontario; Chapter 21 of “Lord Killeen’s Revenge”; an advice column on farming; an article on etiquette for bicycle riders; report from the Queenston Public School including student names and grades;
  • The Times (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

    Pickwell Bros., 1896-05-07
    The Queen’s Royal Hotel to open June 18th; an article noting many new buildings coming to Niagara this spring, includes names of buildings being repaired; Chapter 20 of “Lord Killeen’s Revenge”; an article on the increasing number of women taking up smoking; an article on the first formal reception of the new Emperor of China; a page-long sermon from Rev. Dr. Talmage; Niagara to transmit electricity to Buffalo; an advice column on farming; an update on the latest Niagara Township Council meeting; By-Law No. 385 posted: to regulate the hours of closing of Grocery, Wine Merchants and Butcher Shops within the Town of Niagara;
  • The Times (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

    Pickwell Bros., 1896-04-30
    Niagara High School Reports published for the Easter term, including names of students; an article on the life of Count Von Bismark; a Swedish expedition to the Arctic Ocean is planned; a follow up article on Niagara’s progress over the past five years, recommending improvements to be made around town; Chapter 19&20 of “Lord Killeen’s Revenge”; a page-long sermon from Rev. Dr. Talmage; an advice article for bicycle riders;
  • The Times (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

    Pickwell Bros., 1896-04-23
    Several notes that the use of bicycles has significantly increased in Niagara; an update on the Niagara Council’s last meeting, including a list of financial accounts and communications; Chapter 18&19 of “Lord Killeen’s Revenge”; an article titled “Niagara: The Progress Made by this Old Historical Town in Five Years”; H. H. Holmes to be executed May 7th; a page-long sermon from Rev. Dr. Talmage; a new Czar to be crowned in Russia May 26th, article explains the celebrations expected prior; an advice article on motherhood; an article calling for a curfew for children in Niagara due to the rampant number of noisy children playing outside late at night
  • The Times (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

    Pickwell Bros., 1896-04-16
    An update on the Easter Fair that took place at the school; obituary of Mr. Robert Murray; a page-long sermon from Rev. Dr. Talmage; an article about a trunk that was abandoned with a corpse inside; an article on cat superstitions; a column on household advice; an article on H. H. Holmes who confessed to murdering 27 people in Philadelphia; Chapter 17&18 of “Lord Killeen’s Revenge”;

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