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  • Media Art Other Episode 5

    Ouellette, Troy (2021-07-28)
    In this episode, Professor Cook will speak about some of her curatorial projects and focus on the work of Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. For those who do not know Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg's work, it's important to note that this particular artist is at the forefront of creating artistic projects that work in conjunction with artificial intelligence --- she examines subjects as wide-ranging as machine learning, synthetic and evolutionary biology and ecology. She challenges notions of progress and extends the envelope of media art beyond what we would generally associate it with. These include: the sub-genres of VR and Augmented Reality, Sensory Art, Robotics, Sound Art and Bio Art – to name a few.
  • Media Art Other - Episode 4

    Anderson Wilson Projects is comprised of Curator, Shannon Anderson and Design Professor, Jay Wilson. In this podcast they speak about their collaborative curatorial process, the artists they have worked with, and talk about their digital web-work produced through the pandemic.
  • Predicting Lower Quarter Y-Balance Test Performance from Foot Characteristics

    Chimera, Nicole J.; Larson, Mallorie (Human Kinetics, 2020)
    The lower quarter Y-Balance Test (YBT-LQ) is associated with injury risk; however, ankle range of motion impacts YBT-LQ. Arch height and foot sensation impact static balance, but these characteristics have not yet been evaluated relative to YBT-LQ. Determine if arch height index (AHI), forefoot sensation (SEN), and ankle dorsiflexion predict YBT-LQ composite score (CS). Descriptive cohort. Athletic training laboratory. Twenty general population (14 females and 6 males; mean [SD]: age 35 [18] y, weight 70.02 [16.76] kg, height 1.68 [0.12] m) participated in this study. AHI measurement system assessed arch height in 10% (AHI10) and 90% (AHI90) weight-bearing. Two-point discrim-a-gon discs assessed sensation (SEN) at the plantar great toe, third and fifth metatarsal heads. Biplane goniometer and weight-bearing lunge tests were used to measure static and weight-bearing dorsiflexion, respectively. The YBT-LQ assessed dynamic single-leg balance. For right-limb dynamic single-leg balance, AHI90 and SEN were included in the final sequential prediction equation; however, neither model significantly (P = .052 and .074) predicted variance in YBT-LQ CS. For left-limb dynamic single-leg balance, both SEN and weight-bearing lunge test were included in the final sequential prediction equation. The regression model (SEN and weight-bearing lunge test) significantly (P = .047) predicted 22% of the variance in YBT-LQ CS. This study demonstrates that foot characteristics may play a role in YBT-LQ CS. The authors did not assess limb dominance in this study; therefore, the authors are unable to determine which limb would be the stance versus kicking limb. However, altered SEN and weight-bearing dorsiflexion appear to be contributing factors to YBT-LQ CS.
  • George E. Curtis photographs of Niagara Falls collection, ca. 1860s-1870s

    Williams, Edie; Curtis, George E. (2019-12)
    A collection of albumen photographs featuring the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York taken by George E. Curtis ca. 1860s-1870s. Photographs also include parks located near these falls.
  • Travel Photo Album and Scrapbook, 1929-1934

    Cameron, Chantal (2021-06-15)
    One photo album and one scrapbook containing photographs, postcards, and travel manuscripts of a Massachusetts woman and her friends as they travelled to Ontario, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Illinois from 1929 to 1934. The photo album and scrapbook document several separate trips, including two different visits to Niagara Falls.

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