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Researcher Profiles



  • Supporting Mental Health Education in Ontario Secondary Schools: A Cross-Curricular Handbook for Ontario Secondary Teachers

    Robinson, Mackenzie
    It has been almost two full years since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic (2019), the effects of which are currently being seen in Ontario today within the education system, with a profound escalation in mental health challenges among children and youth. Educators are noticing an increase in mental health issues brought forward by students, and the increase in mental health issues continues to be at the forefront of conversations held by secondary school teachers because of the pressures they face as role models and caring adults. Teachers, however, have identified they are not comfortable helping students who come forward with mental health issues because they, too, lack mental health literacy; they do not feel equipped with the knowledge and understanding of mental health, and feel ill-prepared because they have not received adequate education, training, or professional development on the topic. Some teachers are also avoiding conversations in classes related to mental health because they are unaware of the available and accessible resources, services, strategies, and tools. To address this gap, the researcher developed a mental health handbook in alignment with the Aligned and Integrated Model (AIM) framework from School Mental Health Ontario (2023) that offers a solution to improve secondary teachers’ readiness in supporting students’ mental health and well-being. Focusing on Tier 1 of AIM, the handbook is designed to improve educators’ mental health literacy through understanding early identification, prevention, and early intervention, ensuring a holistic approach to address the varying mental health needs within the school setting. The handbook is also intended to help educators recognize, respond to, and support students who might be experiencing mental health challenges. Implementing the handbook within secondary schools throughout Ontario might hold the potential to enhance teachers’ confidence and comfortability in assisting students who come forward with mental health concerns and, ultimately, foster an environment where students feel supported and empowered to navigate their mental health challenges with both efficacy and dignity.
  • License to practice medicine in the Province of Canada, granted to Lucius Sterne Oille, 1858

    Head, Sir Edmund Walker (1858)
    License to practice medicine in the Province of Canada, granted to Lucius Sterne Oille, by Sir Edmund Walker Head, Governor General of British North America, 1858.
  • Land indenture - Nicholas Oile, Township of Pelham, and his wife Eve Oile to George Oile of Pelham Township, 1815

    Land indenture, Nicholas Oile, Township of Pelham, and his wife Eve Oile to George Oile of Pelham Township, for 200 acres being, Lot 6 and 7, 1st Concession, Pelham Township, 1815.
  • Photograph Album, 1906-1911

    Vrooman, Marjorie (1906-1911)
    The pictures in the album were taken during the years 1906-1911. The first part of the album is based in the Clyde area. Clyde is a village in the town of Galen in Wayne County, N.Y. The village is located on the Clyde River between Rochester and Syracuse. There is a Syracuse pennant in a couple of photographs and the Parkside Restaurant is featured in one photo. A photograph of “The old home” as well as the gates of a private garden show an Italianate style home. The Vroomans resided on N. Park Street in Clyde. “Five cents a ride – One of Clyde’s wonders” is written under a photograph of the Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern Trolley Station, Clyde, N.Y. Most of the people in the pictures are identified by nickname or first name only. One of the photographs is captioned “school days (book-worms) C.H.S.” The initials probably stand for Clyde-Savannah High School. “Dr.” is the caption under a picture of an older man. This is Marjorie’s father, Dr. Walter Roselle Vrooman. Dr. Vrooman practiced dentistry at the Burton Block in Clyde. He was born in Illinois, but his family moved to Canada where his father was engaged in the mercantile business. Walter Vrooman was educated at St. Catharines Collegiate. He graduated from Toronto Normal School and taught in Ontario. He then went to Toronto University where graduated from the Dental Department. He was 32 when he married Jessie and moved to her hometown of Clyde. “Jessie” is the caption on a picture of an older woman. Jessie Bender L’Amoreaux Vrooman was Marjorie’s mother. Included are photos of the Clyde River and a bridge which is quite possibly the Clyde Bridge.
  • Memorandum to Shareholders of Lincoln Hotel Company Limited, 1957

    A memorandum to shareholders of the Lincoln Hotel Company Limited. The document includes a brief financial history of the property from its time as the Grand Central Hotel Company Limited to the 1950s.

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