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  • A Centrality Based Multi-Objective Disease-Gene Association Approach Using Genetic Algorithms 

    Kennedy Collins, Tyler
    The Disease Gene Association Problem (DGAP) is a bioinformatics problem in which genes are ranked with respect to how involved they are in the presentation of a particular disease. Previous approaches have shown the strength ...
  • Exploring the Implications of White Teacher Identity in a Critical Participatory Action Research Study 

    Radersma, Kimberly
    I am convinced that there is an urgent need for transformative work among white teachers in North America in general, and in southern Ontario specifically, that engages them in a critical understanding of their racial ...
  • Upper Bounds for the Number of solutions for the Diophantine Equation $y^2=px(Ax^2-C), C \in {2, \pm 1, \pm 4}$ 

    Schedler, Zak
    A Diophantine equation is an equation of more than one variable where we are looking for strictly integer solutions. The purpose of this paper is to give a new upper bounds for the number of positive solutions for the ...
  • Shirley Carr fonds, 1969-2000 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-04-05)
    The fonds consists of material related to Shirley Carr’s work as President of the Canadian Labour Congress from 1986 to 1992. Materials include minutes, correspondence, presentations, notes, addresses, and reports. ...
  • Opening address on the first day of classes at Brock University - September 16, 1964 

    Gibson, James A. (1964-09-16)
    This is the handwritten opening address by Dr. James A. Gibson - President of Brock University. On 16 September 1964, this speech was given on the first day of classes in the University's history to 130 new students at ...
  • Parenting Teamwork: The impact of a fathering intervention on mothers and infants in Vietnam 

    Rempel, John K.; Rempel, Lynn A.; Hoa, Dinh Thi Phuong; Vui, Le Thi; Long, Tran Khanh (Child Development, 2019-04-01)
    A multi-faceted, relationally-focused intervention involving group and individual pre-and post-natal counseling, print resources, and community resources encouraged 390 fathers of newborn infants in Vietnam to responsively ...
  • Identification of a lipid-rich depot in the orbital cavity of the 13-lined ground squirrel 

    MacCannell, Amanda DV; Sinclair, Kevin J; Tattersall, Glenn J; McKenzie, Charles A; Staples, James F (Company of Biologists, 2019-01-24)
    We discovered a previously undescribed orbital lipid depot in the 13-lined ground squirrel during the first ever magnetic resonance image (MRI) of this common experimental model of mammalian hibernation. In animals housed ...
  • Soil survey map of County of Welland, Province of Ontario. 1935 

    Ontario Agricultural College. Dept. of Chemistry (Ontario Agricultural College. Dept. of Chemistry, 1935)
    Map showing road, transportation, cultural, and boundary features, soil classification, legend.
  • Road map of the County of Welland. 1928 

    Ontario. Dept. of Public Highways (Ontario. Dept. of Public Highways, 1928)
    Map showing provincial highways, county roads, county boundaries, lot and concession numbers, legend. Digital reproduction of map (25 x 25 cm.) Georeferenced and modified from Brock call # G 3463 W4 P2 1928 O58, by Map, ...
  • Sketch of the Welland Canal, U.C. 1833 

    unknown (Onondaga Historical Association, 1833)
    Map showing the First Welland Canal with proposed side cuts, township boundaries, towns, forts, creeks and rivers. Includes "Table of Distances"
  • First Welland Canal. 1828 

    Keefer, George; Doolittle, A. (George Keefer, 1828)
    Map showing the route of the First Welland Canal before completion of feeder and route to Port Colborne, township boundaries, main towns, forts, escarpment, rivers, creeks and major roads. Includes profile cross-section ...
  • St. Catharines. 1876 

    Page, H.R. (H.R. Page, 1876)
    Map showing streets, wards (St. Andrew's Ward, St. George's Ward, St. Thomas' Ward), land owners, lot numbers, route of the second Welland Canal and tow path, and a section of the proposed third Welland Canal, Great Western ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 7 No 3, July 1900 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1900-07)
    The Niagara Rainbow for July 1900. Included in this edition: The Visit of Most Reverend Dimomedes Falconio, D.D., Apostolic Delegate, The Bluebird, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Story of the Apparitions, "Smiles and Tears", After ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 6 No 3, July 1899 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1899-07)
    The Niagara Rainbow for July 1899. Included in this edition: Dear Niagara, Buddhism, A Voyage to the Cape, A Week in Monterey, Mexico, St. Jarlath's -- "John of Tuam", Lilac, Wives of the Poets, Pentecost Sunday at Loretto, ...
  • Raising the Achievement of Immigrant Students: Towards a Multi-Layered Framework for Enhanced Student Outcomes 

    Volante, Louis; Klinger, Don A.; Siegel, Melissa; Yahia, Leena (Sage, 2019-03-22)
    Results of international achievement surveys such as the Programme in International Student Assessment have consistently reported an achievement gap between immigrant and non-immigrant student populations around the world. ...
  • Niagara Periodical Collection, 1828-2004 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-03-29)
    The collection consists of periodical articles related to the Niagara Region. Articles are sorted by subject into nine broad categories: History; Industry, Business and Public Services; People; Places; Science, Geography ...
  • Central North Atlantic paleoceanography during the Late Early Pleistocene (spanning Marine Isotope Stage 21) based on a high-resolution dinoflagellate cyst record 

    Dube, Mukudzei Mswazi
    A high-resolution dinoflagellate cyst record from Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site U1313, constrained by an ultra-high resolution δ 18O record from the same sample set, is established to enhance our understanding ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 6 No 1, January 1899 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1899-01)
    The Niagara Rainbow for January 1899. Included in this edition: Three Beautiful Women, The Sea, My Trip Abroad, Dante, The Women of Tennyson's Poems, The Unknown Hero, Our Own, Silence Darkness Rest, An Evening with ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 5 No 4, October 1898 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1898-10)
    The Niagara Rainbow for October 1898. Included in this edition: A Run into Bavaria, The Late Archbishop Walsh, A Message, The Gun Shops of the Washington Navy Yards, Notes of Irish Travel and Scenery, To A Friend, The ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 5 No 3, June 1898 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1898-06)
    The Niagara Rainbow for June 1898. Included in this edition: At Saint Maura's Well, "The Imitation of Christ", A Run into Bavaria, Lilac Time, Thoughts for our Girls, The Society of Jesus, Hommage A Marie, Special ...