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  • Fort Erie as left by the enemy 

    Samuel Romilly (1814)
    The map of Fort Erie was enclosed in Romilly's letter to Lt Gen Drummond dated Chippawa 10 Nov 1814 in which he describes the conditions of the fortifications after the battle. It shows the state of fortifications, the ...
  • Fort Erie, Bertie, plan of Military Reserve 

    W. T. Renwick; Anthony Reynolds Vyvian Crease (1852)
    Historical map of Fort Erie showing buildings, lots, ruins of Fort Erie, proposed ship canal, planned railway depot and mill site."to accompany Captain Renwick's report dated 7th February, 1852.""Land applied for by the ...
  • Fort Erie, C.W. Plan of the military reserve showing all the houses thereon, and the quantity of land attached to each, etc. 

    S. Freeth; Alex Gordon; J. Nightingale; Henry Vavasour (1850)
    Historical map showing the "ruins of Fort Erie", numbered lots, surrounding "wood land", reference key to landowners and property details.
  • General plan of ship canal 

    Welland Ship Canal Office (St. Catharines, Ont.); H. F. Marten (1925)
    Historical map showing the First, Second and Third Welland Canal and route of the "future" or fourth canal, county and township boundaries, cities and towns, lot and concession numbers, roads, railways, industries, property ...
  • Glenridge, City of St. Catharines. 

    St. Catharines Improvement Company Ltd.; Rolph and Clark. ([St. Catharines, Ont. : St. Catharines Improvement Company Ltd.,, 1913?)
    Historical map showing street names and lots (numbers, boundaries and dimensions) of the Glenridge section of St. Catharines.
  • Grantham 

    Page, H. R. (H.R. Page, 1876)
    Map showing lot numbers with landowners' names, roads, railroads, battle fields identified with symbol. Digital reproduction of map on page 42 of Illustrated historical atlas of the counties of Lincoln and Welland, Ont., ...
  • Grantham Township no.3. 

    Signed Augustus Jones; Copied by Charles Chambers and Samuel Holland (1791)
    Historical map showing the names of land owners, concession and lot numbers, notes.Copied from an original by Charles Chambers and Samuel Holland ; Signed Augustus Jones, 25th October 1791."Map #9" in margin.Digital ...
  • Index map, new Welland Canal 

    Brittain, J.B. (1916)
    Historical map showing the Second and Third Welland Canal with their locks, sections, tunnel and bridge. Includes lot and concession numbers, township boundaries, railways, major roads.Scale [ca. 1:30,480]Map date: ...
  • Johnson's Canada West 

    A. J. Johnson (New York : A.J. Johnson, 1867)
    Historical map of "Canada West" (current day Ontario), showing boundary, road and transportation features.Digital reproduction of map (39 x 55 in.) in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library and ...
  • Lincoln and Welland Counties, Ont. 

    Unknown author (Scarborough Company, 1907)
    Historical map showing boundary, road and transportation features, lot and concession numbers, school houses, the line of the Third Welland Canal.
  • Map and street guide, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada 

    Pathfinder Maps Inc. (1964?)
    Historical map showing street, transportation, cultural and recreational features, street numbering, ground cover, points of interest, indexes, legend.Scale [ca. 1:12,000]Map date: 1964.Digital reproduction of map (95 x ...
  • Map of a part of the Niagara River and plan of the proposed harbour at Black Rock 

    William A. Bird, 1796-1878 ([Albany, N.Y.] : Balch, Rawdon & Co. [Engraver/Printer], 1829)
    Historical map showing the Niagara River between Squaw Island [Grand Island] and Lake Erie, Fort Erie and Towsons Battery on Canadian side. On US side; Upper and Lower Village of Black Rock, canal from Buffalo Creek.Relief ...
  • Map of Niagara Peninsula, Province of Ontario : including Lincoln and Welland Counties complete & parts of Wentworth and Halidmand Counties 

    C. Tarling & Co., Map Mounters. (Toronto : C. Torling & Co., Map Mounters,, 1910?)
    Historical map showing cities and towns, road features, schools, concession and lot numbers, legend.
  • Map of Niagara River at the City of Buffalo shewing proposed bridge crossings & ship canal 

    Maclear & Co. (Toronto, [On.] : Maclear & Co. Liths,, 1858?)
    Historical map showing roads, harbours, bridges, canals (existing and proposed).
  • Map of part of Canada West shewing the Niagara & Detroit Rivers Railway 

    Unknown author (1858?)
    Historical map showing boundary, road and transportation features.
  • Map of part of the Niagara River and place of the proposed harbour at Black Rock 

    Unknown author
    Historical map showing ferry crossings, pier, canals, Fort Erie, US side indicates upper and lower village of Black Rock. Geographic coverage from Lake Erie to Squaw Island.Digital reproduction of map (7 1/4 x 12 in.) in ...
  • [Map of the City of Niagara Falls Canada] 

    F.H. Leslie, Limited (1938?)
    Historical map showing streets, transportation, tourist and cultural features. Include a numbered index of 40 local places.Title for folded cover. Relief shown by hachures.Georeferenced and modified by Map, Data and GIS ...
  • Map of the City of St. Catharines 

    St. Catharines. City Engineer's Office (St. Catharines City Engineer's Office, 1911?)
    Historical map showing roads, city planning, growth, new subdivisions.Digital reproduction of map 66 x 11 cm. "City Engineer's Office, St. Catharines" in margin.Georeferenced and modified by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock ...
  • Map of the City of St. Catharines 

    Videki, Jos. (City of St. Catharines. Office of the City Engineer., 1956)
    Historical map showing city boundary, road, hydrological and transportation features.
  • Map of the counties of Haldimand & Welland 

    Canada. Dept. of Public Works (1858?)
    Historical map showing boundary features, major roads and railroads.Digital reproduction of map (18 x 23 1/2 in.) in the National Map Collection. Library and Archives CanadaGeoreferenced and modified from NMC Map number ...