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Frank Reynolds was an Honours English student at Brock University from 1965 to 1970. He served on the Student Union as Publications chair and President of BUSU Inc. He was the one who initiated the formation BUSU Inc. He was also in charge of getting the student center, Alphie's Trough, built. He was the full time business manager for Brock Student's Union from 1970-71 and Editor of all publications: The Badger, 3 Student Handbooks, a Course Evaluation Booklet, 3 student directories. He organized the Rock at Brock featuring the Guess Who and 7 other Canadian Bands He was also involved in forcing the Board of Governors to change their policy and build academic buildings first and getting two students and two faculty on the Board of Governors, by occuping the 13th floor of the tower with 700 other students during a Board Meeting. Within 12 hours all demands were met and the chairman of the Board resigned. The student union he was president of also fought for open meetings of the University Senate and for student representation in the Senate. They achieved openness by publishing confidential minutes of the University Senate in The Badger. One year to generate interest amongst the student body, his roommate and he ran for Student Council President. His roommate won by one vote but they got people talking.

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    Frank Reynolds was in charge of the Rock at Brock featuring the Guess Who and 7 other Canadian Bands, held on the back field at Brock. It was a geat affair, with 40,000 in attendance and few incidents. The student union ...

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