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  • The Birthday Scripture Text Book 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    The Birthday Scripture Text book was published by the Book Society, Bristol. This book is signed by Jane Woodruff, St. Catharines, Ontario, 1872. There is also a label in the book which reads "Suite 1208 Chicago Savings ...
  • Armory and Lineages of Canada 1914 

    Todd, Herbert George (From the Press of the Nyvall Print, 1876 Broadway, New York, 1913., 1914)
    A book called "Armory and Lineages Of Canada 1914" with the copyright year 1913. The book is signed by H.K. Woodruff and it is also signed by Margaret Woodruff Band. Within the back pages is a list of dates of births, ...
  • Camp Niagara Field Site States Forms from July to October 1916 

    Unknown author (1916)
    A set of forms which was held together by a string. The title page is brittle and crumbling. Each page is dated and signed either by the Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel A.A.G. [Assistand Adjutant General] Niagara.