Recent Submissions

  • Sex hormones play a role in vulnerability to sleep loss on emotion processing tasks 

    Lustig, K. A.; Stoakley, E. M.; MacDonald, K. J.; Geniole, S. N.; McCormick, C. M.; Cote, K. A. (Elsevier, 2017-10-06)
    The central aim of this study was to investigate hormones as a predictor of individual vulnerability or resiliency on emotion processing tasks following one night of sleep restriction. The restriction group was instructed ...
  • A Count of Coping Strategies 

    Heffer, Taylor; Willoughby, Teena (2017)
    The present study examined the association between coping and adjustment among university students. While most research on coping focuses on identifying optimal coping strategies, the Transactional Theory of Coping highlights ...

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