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dc.contributor.authorAdams, Anne
dc.descriptionDavid Brooks was the acting quarterman of shipwrights in his Majesty’s Dock Yard in Portsmouth. He resided at Ridge Street Halfway Houses in Portsea. He was married to Sally Brooks, who was the daughter of Will Thomas Baker of Kent County. Mr. Baker died on May 11, 1811. David and Sally had 5 children: David, Charles, Thomas, Sarah Ann and Hannah Baker. Mr. Brooks bequeathed all his possessions to his wife Sally. After his wife’s death he wanted his belongings and land to be divided equally between all of his children when they reached the age of 21. He names his wife Sally, and his brother, Isaac Brooks as executors of the will.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe last will and testament of David Brooks of Portsea, in the County of Southampton, England, 1822en_US
dc.subjectDavid Brooks -- Sally Brooks -- Isaac Brooks -- Decedents' estates -- Great Britain -- Portsmouth (England)en_US
dc.titleLast Will and Testament of David Brooks, 1822en_US

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