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  • Photograph - P.D. Graybil Age 13, August 1896 

    Sickler (2013-06-07)
    A photograph of P.D. Graybil, age 13, August 1896.
  • Photograph - Robert Houston 

    Charles, Thos. (2013-06-07)
    A Photograph of Robert Houston of Port Dalhousie. He died 6 December 1889 at age 44 years and is buried in the Anglican Cemetary of Port Dalhousie. The photograph was taken at Thos. Charles, Photographer on Ontario Street ...
  • Photograph - Male Portrait 1892 

    Poole (2013-06-07)
    A photograph of a male taken in October 1892 by Poole photography, St. Catharines.
  • Photograph - Mr. Patterson 

    Smith (2013-06-07)
    A photograph of Mr. Patterson of Port Dalhousie by photographer Smith of Bucksport, Maine. The photograph by Smith reads "Crayon and Ink Portraits furnished to order."
  • Photograph - Mr. & Mrs. Michael Henry (nee Almedie Mann) 

    Maitland, G.F. (2013-06-07)
    A photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Henry (nee. Almedie Mann) taken by G.F. Maitland, photographer, St. Paul Street, St. Catharines.
  • Photograph - Mrs. John Denton Sr. 

    Maitland, G.F. (2013-06-07)
    A Photograph of Mrs. John Denton Sr. of Port Dalhusie taken by photographer G. F. Maitland of St. Catharines, Ontario.
  • Photograph - Miss Mabel Field 

    Lehnkering, A.L. (2013-06-19)
    A photograph of Miss Mabel Field taken by A.L. Lehnkering, no. 158 East Main St., Rochester, New York.
  • Photograph - Mr. William Field 

    Lehnkering, A.L. (2013-06-19)
    A photograph of Mr. William Field, photographed by A.L. Lehnkering, no. 158 East Main St., Rochester, New York. The photograph reads "conductor" on back.
  • Photograph - Mary E. Field 

    Field, Mary E. (2013-06-20)
    A photograph of Mary E. Field. The rear of the photo reads "Dear Cousin Ester, I send you this photo which is somewhat soiled but is the only one I have at present. Some other time I will send you a better. Yours with ...
  • Photograph - Unidentified Male in Uniform 

    Matheson, R.C. (2013-06-20)
    A photograph of a male in uniform standing in front of a horse. In background are tents and trees. Rear of photo is stamped "From R. C. Matheson, Court Chambers, Toronto."
  • Property Tax Assessment - Niagara Township No. 179 

    Niagara Township (2013-06-20)
    A tax assessment of property no. 179 for Mr. Theodore Field or Mr. George Field. The total reads 546 and is dated October 25, 1886. Handwritten is "paid" with signature of J.Y.E. Cairns (collector).
  • Postcard - Photograph postcard showing two young males and one female (all unidentified) 

    C.H. Arthur (2013-06-20)
    A postcard with a photo image of two young males and a female (all unidentified).
  • Photograph - Maggie Buckbee 

    Poole, E. (2013-06-20)
    A photograph of a baby girl, Maggie Buckbee, taken at E.Poole Photographer, St. Catharines. The rear of photo states "Ordinary Entrance on St. Paul Street, Elevator Entrance for Children: Invalids and Ladies on Ontario ...
  • Newspaper Clipping - Fields' homestead 

    Unknown (2013-06-20)
    A newspaper clipping describing a fire at the Fields' homestead near Queenston. The caption describes the house as where "Sir Isaac Brock slept the night before he was killed".
  • Photograph - Miss Minnie Gabell 

    Scherer (2013-06-20)
    A photgraph of Miss Minnie Gabell taken by Scherer Photographer, 515 Main St., Buffalo, New York.
  • Unidentified Photograph - Adult Male Standing 

    Cray (2013-06-20)
    A photograph of an unidentified male dated 1864. The rear of photograph reads "From Cray's Gallery, no. 11 East Bridge Street, Oswego, New York. A two cent stamp is also on rear of photograph.
  • Unidentified Photograph - Female 

    Mann, J.A. (2013-06-20)
    A photograph of an unidentified female wearing a hat and necklace The photograph is stamped J.A. Mann Photo Artist, London, Ontario.
  • Photograph - Mrs. Buckbee 

    Maitland, G.F. (2013-06-20)
    A photograph of Mrs. Buckbee taken by G.F. Maitland Photographer, St. Catharines, Ontario.