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  • Photograph - Collapsed Falls View Bridge, 1938 

    Unknown author (1938-01-28)
    A photograph of the Falls view Bridge after it collapsed in January 1938.
  • Photograph - Orville Manson, 1919 

    Unknown author (1919)
    A photograph of Orville Manson approximately 4 years old.
  • Photograph - Manson Family, 1893 

    Unknown author (1893)
    A photograph of the Manson family. The reverse of the photograph lists the individuals: "Sanford Manson in the light suit, age 18 years. Mr. And Mrs. A. Manson and Family. Back row left to right: Sanford 18, Minnie ...
  • Postcard - Snanford Manson 

    Tower Studio in Montgomery Ward & Co. (n.d.)
    A postcard with a photograph of Sanford Manson beside an illustration of Montgomery Ward and Co. Tower. The front of the postcard reads "Souvenir of Chicago", "I have been up here", "Excepting the Washington Monument and ...
  • Photograph - Jimmie and Sanford Manson 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of two young boys. The reverse of the photograph reads "Jimmie Manson and Sanford Manson". The photograph was taken by Townend in Almonte, Ontario.
  • Photograph - Jimmie Manson 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of "Jimmie Manson" (written on reverse of photo).
  • Slides - Port Robinson Lift Bridge, August 27, 1974 

    Unknown author (1974-08-26)
    A collection of slides showing the destruction of the Port Robinson bridge after a Freighter crashed into the bridge. The slides are dated the day after the disaster, August 26th, 1974.
  • Base Company, 81st Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, ca. 1916 

    Blakemore Studio (ca 1916)
    A black and white panoramic photograph of the Base Company of the 81st Overseas Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force commanded by Lieut. H.M. Sampson. A list of the Officers of the 81st Battalion was published ...
  • Orville (Jimmy) Manson family fonds, 1839-1996, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2017-10-06)
    Fonds consists of material related to Orville James (Jimmy) Manson and his family. Most of the materials are slides, photographs, film, and some genealogical material. Two photograph albums feature photographs from Jimmy’s ...
  • Merchant ship captain John F. Kennedy fonds, 1796-1862 

    Cameron, Chantal (2017-10-04)
    The fonds consists mainly of letters from merchant ship captain John F. Kennedy to his wife Marcia Gray, written from 1796 to 1818. Some letters describe the confiscation of his ships, a common occurrence at the time due ...
  • Notice for 65th Anniversary, 1995 

    Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited (1995-08)
    A notice for a reunion of former students and parents for the 65th anniversary of the Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited.
  • The School Must Make Friends with the Public 

    Bradley, Harold (The School, Secondary Edition, Ontario College of Education, December 1943, p 290., 1943-12)
    Bradley discusses the importance of educators meeting with community members (parents). He mentions that the opportunity to form a communicative relationship with families can begin in the first grade and that this is ...
  • Graduation Program, 1961 

    Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Institute (1961-11-17)
    The program lists Harold Bradley as the speaker for the graduating class. The program also lists the awards, one is called "The Harold Bradley Medal" which is given to "the student achieving the highest average on nine ...
  • Graduation Address to Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Intitute, 1961 

    Bradley, Harold (1961)
    The address give by Harold Bradley to the graduating class of the Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Institute in 1961. Also, there is an accompanying article which discusses the accomplishments of Bradley's lengthy career.
  • Notes - Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited 

    Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited (n.d.)
    Notes about the Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited and its methods. The memo mentions "After nearly half a century a work such as this is recognized as being unique and authorities in many fields are ...
  • Manuscript - PreSchool Program 

    Barnes, Grace (n.d.)
    The manuscript discusses the development of preschool programs at the Bradley Institute. Barnes mentions "The child up to the age of five and a half years lives in world of sound, and the sensitivity of all children to ...
  • Letters to Miss Harriet O’Connor from her brother J.M. O’Connor, May-November 1813. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2017-09-27)
    Three letters addressed to Miss Harriet O’Connor, City of New York, from her brother Jno [John] M. O’Connor, May-November 1813. The letters were written while O’Connor was fighting with the Americans during the War of ...
  • Alan Ganton collection, 1966-1982, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2017-09-27)
    The collection contains material related to Alan Ganton’s work as Superintendent of Plant Services at Brock University. It includes a letter from James A. Gibson offering employment at Brock University as Superintendent ...
  • Locations of the Bradley Institute 

    Barnes, Grace (n.d.)
    A summary of the several moves of the Bradley Institute, beginning with Bradley's teaching from his parents home on Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls, to there final destination 4687 Queen Street, Niagara Falls.
  • Bradley Institute Building 1984-2006 

    Unknown author (1984)
    A photograph of the exterior of the Bradley Institute at its 4687 Queen Street location in Niagara Falls. The Bradley Institute purchased the building in 1984 and remained there until 2006.