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  • American Falls, U.S.A. 

    Underwood & Underwood (1901)
    The description of the image is "(4) Majestic Niagara, rolling in ceaseless roar - American Falls from below - U.S.A.". The reverse of the image reads "Majestically Grand - the Falls, from the "Maid of the Mist," Niagara, U.S.A."
  • Last Will and Testament - James Senior 

    Unknown author (1832-08-06)
    Last Will and Testament of James Senior of Niagara Township leaving all his goods and chattels and part of Lot 94 in Niagara Township to his friend, Richard Woodruff, August 6, 1832. There are three names listed as ...
  • Last Will and Testament - John Picard 

    Unknown author (1882-07-03)
    Last Will and Testament of John Picard of the township of Niagara. He leaves his land which consists of part of Lot 113 in the township of Niagara to Annie Mariah Steel. The executors are John Stevens and Gilbert Anderson. ...
  • Marriage Certificate - Joseph Clement and Margaret Duffet 

    Unknown author (1784-05-09)
    A marriage certificate stating that Joseph Clement and Margaret Duffet were lawfully married according to the Church of England in Montreal, May 9, 1784. The name on the paper appears to be "Margaret Dusalle" and the date ...
  • Niagara from the distant Tower, U.S.A. 

    Underwood & Underwood (1902)
    The image is described as "(7) Niagara and its great cloud of rising Spray - from the distant tower, U.S.A.".
  • Notice of Will - James Middough 

    Unknown author (1839-08-03)
    Notice regarding the late James Middough that anything concerning his will is granted to William Woodruff and Richard Woodruff (merchants) executors of the will, August 3, 1839.
  • Photograph - B Squadron of the G.G.B.G. [Governor General’s Body Guard] at Niagara 

    Unknown author (1904)
    Black and white photograph, mounted on board, 13 cm x 20 cm of the B Squadron of the G.G.B.G. [Governor General’s Body Guard] at Niagara.
  • Women’s Literary Club of St. Catharines Fonds 

    Barnett, Jody (2009-08-24)
    The majority of text within this collection is comprised of meeting minutes, essays and scrapbooks relating to literature and history. Correspondence, and club publications, including photographs and a wide range of newspaper ...