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  • Advertisement - Bradley: A Philosophy of Education through Music 

    Unknown author (1971)
    A pamphlet advertisement for the Bradley Organization. In the advertisement, it states that this is the "forty-first anniversary of this world-wide music education research organization."
  • Advertisements - Harold Bradley School of Music, 1948, 1949, n.d. 

    Unknown author (1948, 1949)
    An assortment of Harold Bradley Institute of Music advertisements. Some are dated 1948, 1949, others have no visible date.
  • Amacy Matthews Letters, 1918 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
    2 typed letters with marginalia. Also includes one accounts sheet and one envelope.
  • Article - "World Famous Musicians Teach At Harold Bradley School of Music" 

    Unknown author (1957-07-20)
    An article about the work at the Harold Bradley School. It also mentions the addition of Deryck Aird to the staff as a director of the department of violin.
  • The Bradley Institute - Brief History 

    The Bradley Institute (2000)
    The brief history discusses the founding of the institute in 1930 by Isidor Philipp and Harold Bradley up to the seventieth anniversary in the year 2000. Also mentioned, is the age of the participants, "the age level of ...
  • Chamber's Historical Questions with Answers 

    Chambers, William; Chambers, Robert (1878)
    The book is hardcover and inscribed with an illegible signature, dated 1880 and below that is the signature Margaret J. Woodruff. The preface of the book begins, "The present work is designed to fulfil an important purpose ...
  • Deryck Aird Brief Biography for Bradley Institute For Music Education Research Limited 

    Bradley Institute for Music Education Research Limited (1986)
    A brief biography of Deryck Aird, one of the directors of the institute. The biography mentions that "In 1950 he began a lifetime friendship with the famous Canadian pianist, Harold Bradley, and became involved in a music ...
  • Description of Work at Bradley Institute 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    Typewritten notes on the work done at the Bradley Institute. The first part of the document discusses the work of Isidor Philipp and his early career. As the document continues, Bradley begins to discuss the kinds of ...
  • Draft Pamphlet for Teachers 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    A draft copy of a pamphlet created for teachers. One portion of the draft reads "Within the music programs the teacher will see the work of psychologists, physiologists, scientists, psychiatrists and distinguished musicians, ...
  • Engineering school notebook which belonged to S.D. Woodruf 

    Woodruff, S.D. (n.d.)
    Engineering school notebook which belonged to S.D. Woodruff. This book contains questions for exercise as well as other mathematical topics. It also contains a page which has the title “The Cataract of Niagara in North ...
  • Engineering school notebook which belonged to S.D. Woodruff 

    Woodruff, S.D. (n.d.)
    Engineering school notebook which belonged to S.D. Woodruff. This book contains logarithm notes, plane trigonometry, surveying and content of land. The outer page is torn and the notebook is quite discoloured. This does ...
  • Graduation Address to Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Intitute, 1961 

    Bradley, Harold (1961)
    The address give by Harold Bradley to the graduating class of the Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Institute in 1961. Also, there is an accompanying article which discusses the accomplishments of Bradley's lengthy career.
  • Graduation Program, 1961 

    Niagara Falls Collegiate-Vocational Institute (1961-11-17)
    The program lists Harold Bradley as the speaker for the graduating class. The program also lists the awards, one is called "The Harold Bradley Medal" which is given to "the student achieving the highest average on nine ...
  • Letter to Mrs. Percy Band from Donald E. Loker 

    Loker, Donald E. (1962-05-02)
    Letter (2 typed pages) to Mrs. Percy Band from Donald E. Loker, former American History master of the DeVeaux School, Niagara Falls, New York. Mr. Loker is enquiring about Maria and Sarah Woodruff. Samuel DeVeaux was ...
  • Locations of the Bradley Institute 

    Barnes, Grace (n.d.)
    A summary of the several moves of the Bradley Institute, beginning with Bradley's teaching from his parents home on Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls, to there final destination 4687 Queen Street, Niagara Falls.
  • Manuscript - "The Association of Science" 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A manuscript describing the relationship between "science, medicine, psychology, philosophy and education, with music". The paper discusses a new method to musical education: "By 1935 the piano program had reached a stage ...
  • Manuscript - For Parents "The Evil of Music Lessons" 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    A manuscript by Harold Bradley that discusses the types of musical education and focuses on the practice of having children take music lessons. For example, Bradley states "You do not want your child to be a musician. ...
  • Manuscript - PreSchool Program 

    Barnes, Grace (n.d.)
    The manuscript discusses the development of preschool programs at the Bradley Institute. Barnes mentions "The child up to the age of five and a half years lives in world of sound, and the sensitivity of all children to ...
  • Manuscript - The Pre-School Age Child 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    The manuscript discusses the program offered at the Bradley Institute for young children. The manuscript reads: "The child comes into the world compounded of the softest, most malleable of materials physical, mental, and ...
  • Musical Truth - A Heritage of Artistic Integrity 

    Bradley, Harold (n.d.)
    A handwritten document outlining the "story of the Bradley Organization" and "the story of the history of music teaching, which, for practical purposes, began with Frederic Chopin who deeded this legacy to his pupil Mathias, ...