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  • Upper Canada Gazette Vol. VIII no.22. Hon. W. Dickson 

    Unknown author (1833-10-17)
    Upper Canada Gazette Vol. VIII no.22. Hon. W. Dickson is written in the first page margin. Oct. 17, 1833.
  • Upper Canada Sheriff’s Deed, 27 March 1833 

    Jarvis, William Munson (1833-03-27)
    Upper Canada Sheriff’s Deed, dated 27 March 1833. The deed is for a sale of land at public auction in the Gore District, purchased by Thomas Clark of Stamford, Niagara. The deed is signed by William Munson Jarvis, Sheriff ...
  • Upper Canada Warrant of Appraisement 

    Unknown author (1801-06-15)
    Upper Canada warrant of appraisement: warrant of the Surrogate of the District of Niagara to Isaac Hurst, George Bradshaw and Bernard Frey to appraise the goods and chattels of James Fields Deacon. This item is torn and ...
  • Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. fonds 1955-1990, n.d. (non-inclusive) 

    Goul, Jen & Anne Adams (2010-11-08)
    The fonds contain materials relating to the Upper Lakes Shipping Company Ltd. The materials included are media releases, clippings, correspondence, and promotional materials. The materials were placed in alphabetical order ...
  • Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. Vessels Scrapbook, 1964-1967, no date 

    Cameron, Chantal (2013-10-29)
    Consists of one scrapbook featuring vessels owned by Upper Great Lakes Shipping and built at Port Weller Dry Docks, from 1964-1967. The featured vessels include the Cape Breton Miner; Ontario Power; Canadian Century; and ...
  • "V" Fifth Form Pin 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    "V" fifth form pin which belonged to Margaret Julia Woodruff at St. Margaret's School, Toronto.
  • V&B celebrate building milestone 

    Vickers & Benson, Terry O'Malley (Vickers & Benson, 2009-02-05)
    The firm celebrates the construction of new headquarters.
  • V&B promotes V&B 

    Vickers & Benson, Terry O'Malley (Vickers & Benson, 2009-02-05)
    This is an example of Vickers & Benson regularly promoting their creative philosophy and their successes in trade publications.
  • Valentine Card 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Valentine card (unsigned) in an envelope addressed to William K. Cleavland, n.d.
  • The Van-Guard (poem) 

    Calley, Donald M. (1918-08)
    A poem "written at the front in memory of comrades fallen in action while fighting with the First Battalion of the 5th Field Artillery". The final verse of the poem reads, "But the van-guard on before you, who you ...
  • Variation of Prices (Cranes, Shovels, Boilers, Dump Cars, Steam Locos) 

    Unknown author (1922-05-11)
    A graph showing the variation of prices for cranes, shovels, boilers, dump cars, and steam locos from 1914 through 1922. The chart shows the number of each item purchased, approximate date of purchase and selling price ...
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (1900)
    1. Invitation and program to the Merritton Hose Co. No. 1 Grand Masquerade Ball and Supper. The invitation is for Mrs. J. Wilson. Ladies are by invitation only. Ladies without masks are charged 10 cents. The supper was ...
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (1854)
    1. Notice of a testimonial to Samuel Zimmerman to be held at Moffatt’s Hotel, Niagara Falls on Feb. 13th 1854. Members of the committee were Walter H. Dickson, Daniel McDougal, William Kingsmill and Joseph A. Woodruff, ...
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    1. Business card of Nouveautes of Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., n.d. 2. Calling card for Mrs. Hamilton Cassels Jr., n.d. 3. 3 Calling cards for Mrs. Hamilton K. Woodruff, n.d. 4. Calling card for Miss Margaret J. ...
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    1. Calling card for Mrs. Percy Carruthers Band, n.d. 2. 2 calling cards for Mrs. Charles H. French, n.d. 3. 14 calling cards for Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. French, n.d.
  • Various Clippings and Notes 

    Unknown author (1936)
    Various clippings and notes which were found tucked within the pages of the Woodruff books including: Ezekiel Woodruff’s birth date written on an envelope, a recipe for a rose jar, a note regarding Donald Fraser, an ...
  • Various portraits of Major-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock. 

    Forster, J.W.L; Hudson, J. (1808)
    Five different portraits of Sir Isaac Brock. The first portrait is a black and white profile portrait by J.W.L. Forster that is mounted on cardboard and titled “General Brock”. The second portrait is also a black and ...
  • Various research on Isaac Brock, n.d. 

    Williams, Edie (2011-04)
    8 items including handwritten notes, clippings and printed material.
  • Varsity Men's Coxed Eight (1970-71) 

    Unknown author (2009-02-12)
    with coach Tony Biernacki