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  • Captain Mellish's Visit 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    During his visit to Canada in June of 1965, Captain Michael Mellish of Guernsey - O. B. E. Secretary, A. D. C. to the Lieutenant-Governor, and great nephew of Isaac Brock - donated a special photographic album containing ...
  • Captain Percy Carruthers Band - Military Cross and Two Bars, French Croix de Guerre with Palm 

    Higgins, Douglas (1961)
    Booklet regarding Captain Percy Carruthers Band’s Military Cross and Two Bars and French Croix de Guerre with Palm. One of these booklets belonged to Margaret Elizabeth Woodruff Taylor. This one contains the most information ...
  • Car Crash 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    A student crashes a car through the main entrance of Brock University and ransacks the office of the University President. The Buick La Sabre is driven through the glass doors of the Schmon Tower in the early morning, just ...
  • Card of Lady Wearing a Bonnet and Cloak 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A coloured card of a lady wearing a bonnet and cloak. On the back it says C.D. Fredericks & Co., 587 Broadway, New York; 108 Calle de Habana, Habana, and 31 Passage du Havre, Paris.
  • Cardboard Box from Pascall Chocolate Animals of London 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    The box contained the chocolate elephant.
  • Cardboard Tube 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Cardboard tube in which the scroll was sent. The scroll was sent to relatives within a cardboard tube which was 7 1/4 inches long. The wording on the cardboard tube is "O.H.M.S. Valuable Document - with card. If not ...
  • Care and Preservation of Artillery Material, 1917 

    Unknown author (1917-10)
    A manual instructing on the "Care and Preservation of Artillery Material" from the Field Artillery School of Instruction (Saumur). The name of Arthur A. Schmon is handwritten across the front cover.
  • Carl M. Wolff fonds 

    Adams, Anne (2013-03-04)
    The bulk of the materials consist of administrative records, minutes programs and publicity material for The Niagara Symphony Association, St. Catharines Community Concerts, The Brock University Fine Arts Committee ...
  • Carling Red Cap Poster 

    O'Malley, Terry (2011-10-05)
    Poster from the 1960s campaign "Carling Red Cap Ale Society"
  • Carousel Cafeteria 

    Unknown author (2009-02-27)
  • Carousel Cafeteria Lounge 

    Unknown author (2009-02-27)
  • Carrying the Boat to the Dock 

    Unknown author (2009-02-12)
    Lisa Tiffeny
  • Carte de la Partie Septentrionale de la Mer du Sud, Comprise entre la Californie, les Isles Sandwich, le Japon et le Detrt. de Behring 1782 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas; Dupuis, Louis-Andre (1782)
    A map by Jacques Nicolas Bellin with engraver Louis-Andre Dupuis. The map was drafted in light of the voyages and discoveries of Captain James Cook in 1778 and 1779, with the map's notations based on the drafts of lieu. ...
  • Carte de lay Baye de Hudson 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1757)
    1757: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Carte de lay Baye de Hudson”, beautifully-coloured map, approximately 30 cms by 19 cms, published in a 1757 book, later published in a smaller format.
  • Carte du Cours du Fleuve de St. Laurent 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1757)
    1757: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Carte du Cours du Fleuve de St. Laurent”, coloured map, roughly 30 cm wide by 19 cms high, published in a 1757 work. Later published by Bellin in a smaller format.
  • Carte du Havre de Saint Jean 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1764)
    1764: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Carte du Havre de Saint Jean”, map of St. John’s, Newfoundland, mainly black and white, with some blue emphasis on the geographic features; map is 21 cms high by 16 cms wide; taken from ...
  • Carte Reduite des Partis Septentrionales du Globe, situees entre L'asia et L'Amerique 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1758)
    This map was initially published as part of Bellin's "Histoire Generale des Voyages" in 1758. The map is in colour and measures 40 cms x 26 cms approximately.
  • Carte Reduite du Globe Terrestre 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1757)
    1757: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Carte Reduite du Globe Terrestre”, coloured map of the world, published as the initial map of Bellin’s maps of the world in 1757, roughly 30 cms by 19 cms.
  • Carte-de-visite of an older woman, possibly Jane Bradt 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Carte-de-visite of an older woman, possibly Jane Bradt, n.d. In small print beneath the photograph “Allen & Bro., King St., St. Catharines”. Handwritten on the corresponding envelope Mrs. Jane J. Bradt, Clinton.
  • Carver – Sherk instrument, 1865 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
    1 legal instrument; 34 x 21 cm