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  • Carte du Havre de Saint Jean 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1764)
    1764: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Carte du Havre de Saint Jean”, map of St. John’s, Newfoundland, mainly black and white, with some blue emphasis on the geographic features; map is 21 cms high by 16 cms wide; taken from ...
  • Carte Reduite des Partis Septentrionales du Globe, situees entre L'asia et L'Amerique 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1758)
    This map was initially published as part of Bellin's "Histoire Generale des Voyages" in 1758. The map is in colour and measures 40 cms x 26 cms approximately.
  • Carte Reduite du Globe Terrestre 

    Bellin, Jacques Nicholas (1757)
    1757: Jacques Nicholas Bellin, “Carte Reduite du Globe Terrestre”, coloured map of the world, published as the initial map of Bellin’s maps of the world in 1757, roughly 30 cms by 19 cms.
  • Carte-de-visite of an older woman, possibly Jane Bradt 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Carte-de-visite of an older woman, possibly Jane Bradt, n.d. In small print beneath the photograph “Allen & Bro., King St., St. Catharines”. Handwritten on the corresponding envelope Mrs. Jane J. Bradt, Clinton.
  • Carver – Sherk instrument, 1865 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
    1 legal instrument; 34 x 21 cm
  • Case of Colonel Booker. The Court of Inquiry 

    Somerville, Alexander (186?)
    A four sided pamphlet written by Alexander Somerville, and printed by Lawson & Co., Hamilton, Ont. The list of contents for the article reads: "Evidence Suppressed, Newspapers Silenced, Statement of Captain McGrath, ...
  • Case of Colonel Booker. The Court of Inquiry Reviewed 

    Williams, Edie (2011-03)
    1 pamphlet, 4 pages ; 21 x 13 cm.
  • Cash Book 

    Woodruff, S.D. (1875)
    Cash Book, a leather-bound book which has “S.D. Woodruff, St. Catharines, April 1875” written in the front cover. The book contains handwritten lists, specifications for jobs and hand-drawn diagrams. There is one loose ...
  • Cash book, 1886-1889 

    Goul, Jen; Carl, Sharon (2010-09)
    Enscribed on the front cover "J. Norris St. Catharines Ontario Canada" and "W. Wilson, Ontario". There is a J. Norris and a W. Wilson listed in the 1893 St. Catharines census, that are both listed as workers from the Axe factory.
  • Cash book, 1908, 1910-1945 

    Goul, Jen (2007-10)
    l= 34cm, w =27cm, h =4.5cm. Hardcover brown suede binding and corners with dark cloth centre. There is a burgandy label with gold writing on the spine that said "cash book".
  • Catalogue of items from Devaux [DeVeaux] Hall to be sold in Toronto at auction 

    Unknown author (1939-04)
    Catalogue of items from Devaux [DeVeaux] Hall to be sold in Toronto at auction on April 24-26, 1939. The list of items included items such as lamps, curtain rods, furniture, original art, vases, kitchen items and books. ...
  • Catherine Everingham land grant, 1802 [photocopy] 

    Cameron, Chantal (2015-02-23)
    A photocopy of a land grant to Catherine Everingham from the Province of Upper Canada for 200 acres of land in the Township of Willoughby, County of Lincoln, District of Niagara. The grant is dated May 17, 1802. It was ...
  • Cattle with Hair Whorl Patterns above the Eyes are More Behaviorally Agitated During Restraint 

    Grandin, Temple; Deesing, M.J.; Struthers, J.J.; Swinker, A.M. (1995)
    The article focuses on the temperament of cattle depending on the position of hair whorl. The article was published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science.
  • Cave of the Winds on the American Side Poster 

    Unknown author (1860)
    Cave of the Winds on the American Side. This poster contains a poem by Mary S. Pond called Cave of the Winds, 35 cm. x 19 cm. The guides are listed as F.H. Johnson and Son. There is a portion of the poster missing from ...
  • Cave of the Winds, Goat Island, U.S.A. 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Cave of the Winds, Goat Island, U.S.A. This is touted as the only place on the globe where rainbows form an entire circle. Geo. W. Wright is listed as the lessee. 30 cm. x 14 cm. newsprint. There is a slight wearing away ...
  • Cemetery Committee Reports, Welland County, 1946 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
    Two reports and one letter, typewritten.
  • Cemetery Sketches 

    Unknown author (1871-12-31)
    Crudely drawn sketches including: Samuel D. Woodruff’s grave; a sketch which includes the inside of the [St. George’s] church; Lot no. 4 and Woodruff and Milton graves. One of the maps was dated Dec. 31, 1871, n.d.
  • Central Europe Labels 

    Unknown author ()
    A selection of European alcohol labels, including: Grandezza Dansk Frugivinsfabrikat, Max and Moritz Perlwein, Gumpoldskirchner Konigswein Neuburger, Jisenski Biser.
  • Central Utilities Building 

    Unknown author (2009-02-27)
    View from outside the Central Utilities Building facing southwest.
  • Central Utilities Sketch 

    Unknown author (2009-02-27)