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  • Glenridge Master Plan 

    Unknown author (2009-02-27)
    1969-70 floor plan for the old Glenridge Campus located at Glenridge and Lockhart. For a more detailed copy, please contact the archives.
  • Glenridge Open House 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    One of the tables setup for the open house in 1965.
  • Glenridge Residences 

    Unknown author (2009-03-03)
    In 1968 Brock University purchased 5 quadruplexes on Glenridge Avenue to serve as Brock's first student residences. Three additional units were later purchased and in total these first residences could accommodate around ...
  • Globe & Mail clipping announces V&B's new client 

    Unknown author (2009-02-05)
    This Januayr 19, 1979 clipping from the Globe & Mail announced the successful outcome of the pitch made for the McDonald's Restaurants Ltd. account.
  • The Globe, September 14, 1860 

    Unknown author (1860-09-14)
    The Globe, Toronto, Ontario, “the Prince of Wales’s arrival” is written in pencil on the front page, September 14, 1860.
  • Gold Leaf 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Gold leaf that belonged to great grandmother French. This is enclosed in an envelope which has Jas. Carruthers and Co. Grain Exporters, New York as a return address, n.d.
  • Golf card for the Jekyl Island Club 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Golf card for the Jekyl Island Club. There have been entries on the card, but they have been erased, n.d.
  • Golfe de St. Laurent, Isle et Bancs de Terre Neuve 

    Vaugondy, Robert de (1749)
    1749: Robert de Vaugondy, “Golfe de Stl Laurent, Isle et Bancs de Terre Neuve”, published in 1749 as page 195 of a larger atlas; coloured nicely, unframed, roughly 18 cms by 17 cms.
  • Good Management Practice for Animal Handling and Stunning 

    Grandin, Temple (American Meat Institute Foundation, 1900)
    On the front cover is a handwritten note that reads "original guidelines I used when the McDonalds audits were started in 1999".
  • Gooderham's Labels 

    Unknown author ()
    A collection of Gooderham's labels that include: Bonded Stock Canadian Whisky, London Dry Gin, Big Brown Jug Canadian Rye Whiskey, and Rich and Rare Canadian Whiskey. The labels indicate the distillery was established ...
  • Gover General Michener 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    Governor General Roland Michener speaks at the fall convocation in October 1969.
  • Governor General Departs 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    The Governor General and his motorcade depart after the conclusion of the Official Opening of Brock University at the Glenridge Campus on October 19, 1964. Pictured here from left to right: F. G. Perry (with camera), African ...
  • Governor General Michener's Visit 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    In October of 1969, Governor General Rolland Michener along with the Bailiff of Guernsey were invited to tour the Niagara Region with Dr. Gibson as part of a series of events to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sir Isaac ...
  • Governor General Vanier 

    Unknown author (2009-02-11)
    Dr. Gibson shaking hands with Governor General Vanier at the Official Opening of Brock University at the Glenridge Campus on October 19, 1964. General Vanier had been invited to formally open the university.
  • Grace Anglican Church (St. Catharines, Ont.) collection 

    Williams, Edie (2010-09-21)
    6 cm of textual material
  • Graduate Studies Calendar 1975-1976 

    Unknown author (2014-05-07)
  • Graduate Studies Calendar 1976-1978 

    Unknown author (2014-05-07)
  • Graduate Studies Calendar 1978-1979 

    Unknown author (2014-05-07)
  • Graduate Studies Calendar 1980-1982 

    Unknown author (2014-05-07)
  • Graduate Studies Calendar 1982-1983 

    Unknown author (2014-05-07)