The Archives & Special Collections house some of the more unique, rare and valuable collections in the Brock University Library with particular attention to resources highlighting the Niagara area, autism, United Empire Loyalists, and Freemasonry.

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  • Article - "Peace That Passeth Understanding 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1918-11)
    An article written by Estelle B. Cuffe in late 1918, following the war. She writes about "Peace on the Battlefield", "Our Boys Reprieved" and "The Men Who Shirked". Estelle concludes her article with the following "But, ...
  • Photograph - Estelle Cuffe Hawley, Convocation 

    Unknown author (1976)
    A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley during convocation as she receives her honourary law degree.
  • Brock University Order and Form of Convocation, 4 June 1976 

    Brock University (1976-06-04)
    A programme outline of the June 4, 1976 convocation in which Estelle Cuffe Hawley receives a Degree of Laws Honoris Causa.
  • 100th Birthday Certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien 

    Government of Canada (1994)
    A congratulatory certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Estelle Cuffe Hawley for her one hundredth birthday.
  • Letter - Ted Cuffe to his Mother, June 19, 1915 

    Cuffe, Ted (1915-06-19)
    A letter from Ted Cuffe to his Mother, 6 June 1915. It reads: "Dear Mother: We are now within 6 hrs. of England. We sure have had a most unpleasant voyage. It was rather rough all the time and awfully rough most of ...
  • Letter - Ted Cuffe to Estelle Cuffe 

    Cuffe, Ted (1914)
    A letter from Ted Cuffe to his sister Estelle Cuffe on "YMCA with His Majesty's Canadian Forces on Active Service" letterhead. In the letter he writes, "Just a line to let you know I have been accepted for immediate ...
  • Post card from Ted Cuffe to Estelle Cuffe 

    Cuffe, Ted (circa 1914)
    A post card from Ted Cuffe to his sister Estelle Cuffe at the time of of World War I. The postcard reads "Glad you advised Mother to wait for me. Will be home Fri night or Sat. Fierce time here, but I like it. Ted"
  • Campaign Fund Letter 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1943-12-01)
    A campaign letter sent by Estelle Cuffe Hawley concerning campaign contributions. She starts the letter with summation of her experience and accomplishments as an alderman and teacher and near the end of the letter she ...
  • "Read the Record" of Ald. Estelle Cuffe, Candidate for Mayor 

    Unknown author (1944)
    A small pamphlet distributed by Estelle Cuffe as candidate for Mayor. Within the pamphlet is a list of "some matters to which I have given leadership and active support over the last ten years." Also included is a short ...
  • Notes from year 1918 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1918)
    Handwritten notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley about her time near Toronto as a teacher and then Principal of a small five room schoolhouse. She appreciated being close to her home town of Peterborough and she remarks that ...
  • St. Catharines Garden City Arena, December 1938 

    City of St. Catharines (1938-12)
    An official programme of the St. Catharines Garden City Arena from December 1938. Included in the programme are advertisements for The Daily Star, Algoma Steel, General Motors Products, Carl's Boot Shop, Hotel Leonard, ...
  • Motions I Had to Reject 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (ca 1940)
    Notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley concerning provincial government orders sent to councils for endorsement. The focus was on communists in communities, Cuffe Hawley states "It was to the effect that anyone known to be a ...
  • A Triumph - notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1938-12)
    Notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley titled "A Triumph", 1938. She describes a party for retiring Mayor Wright and how she is kindly escorted by Alderman Beatty to the bar. She describes the initial issues between Beatty and ...
  • The General Motors Row - notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1938)
    This is a type written account of "The General Motors Row" by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. She makes note that "at the end of my first year in council, at a finance committee meeting, it was recorded that General Motors had ...
  • Royal Air Force Civilian Subordinates - Discharge Certificate 

    Royal Air Force (1919-01-31)
    A certificate of discharge for Miss Estelle B. Cuffe from the Royal Air Force. The certificate reads: "Miss Estelle B. Cuffe served as a Civilian Subordinate in the capacity of clerk in the Royal Air Force, Canada for a ...
  • Peterborough Collegiate Institute Commencement Exercises Friday, March 1st, 1912 

    Peterborough Collegiate Institute (1912-03-01)
    A programme of the commencement exercises for Peterborough Collegiate Institute in the year 1912. Within the programme, Estelle Cuffe is listed as an "honours normal entrace" candidate. On the reverse she is also listed ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 13 No 3, July 1906 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1906-07)
    The Niagara Rainbow for July 1906. Included in this edition: Visit of his Royal Highness Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert of Connaught April 22nd, Alfonso XIII. of Spain, To her Most Catholic Majesty Queen Victoria ...
  • Shirley Carr fonds, 1969-2000 

    Cameron, Chantal (2019-04-05)
    The fonds consists of material related to Shirley Carr’s work as President of the Canadian Labour Congress from 1986 to 1992. Materials include minutes, correspondence, presentations, notes, addresses, and reports. ...
  • Opening address on the first day of classes at Brock University - September 16, 1964 

    Gibson, James A. (1964-09-16)
    This is the handwritten opening address by Dr. James A. Gibson - President of Brock University. On 16 September 1964, this speech was given on the first day of classes in the University's history to 130 new students at ...
  • Niagara Rainbow, Vol 7 No 3, July 1900 

    Loretto Academy (Niagara Falls, Ont.); Loretto High School (Niagara Falls, Ont.) (1900-07)
    The Niagara Rainbow for July 1900. Included in this edition: The Visit of Most Reverend Dimomedes Falconio, D.D., Apostolic Delegate, The Bluebird, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Story of the Apparitions, "Smiles and Tears", After ...

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